The Unparalleled Art and Culture of Madhya Pradesh

The heart of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh is an enriched state in India that holds great significance because of its history. It is a state that has fascinated the world with its intricate art and culture, popularising it amongst art connoisseurs and tourists alike. A proud home to historical architectures, monuments, temples and palaces, the structures and crafts of Madhya Pradesh is a force to be reckoned with! The state oozes heritage and rich culture, making it stand out from the rest.

Gwalior architecture - Art and Culture of Madhya Pradesh
Batik -  famous handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh

Famous Handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the epicentre of unique handicrafts. Craftsmen derive their inspiration from the state’s dynamic historical grandness. From Patangarh’s beguiling Gond paintings to charming Batik crafts, Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer!


Dhokra is one of the most unique and hidden artforms, kept alive by the Bherawas community of the Betul district. The craftsmanship relies on the lost-wax casting technique. It is a non-ferrous metal-moulding craft, elevated by the community of Betul. This artform represents the culture behind the tribe, keeping the significance of both the community and their crafts strong. They use dhokra to enshrine deities in newly-married households as a way of offering blessings for their new life. Curated with innovative motifs, this art and craft of Madhya Pradesh has melted the hearts of many. Its ubiquitous influence has landed it spots in local and global markets. Some Dhokra items that you can purchase on your trip to Madhya Pradesh are brass metal figurines of lamps, photo frames, animal figurines and bells.

Dhokra - crafts of Madhya Pradesh


The ancient form of Batik design, which began over 2000 years ago, is still running strong! Batik saw its inception in the small village of Bherugarh, where it was produced by the process of wax-resist dyeing and printing. It is also known as the art of antiquity and is believed to have been practised in Egypt and Japan before finding a home in Madhya Pradesh. During the Mughal rule, the art form landed in this Indian state and took the handloom industry by storm. In recent years, almost the entire Bherugarh community has actively taken part in Batik print production, which has been appreciated by consumers from around the world. Madhya Pradesh produces a large number of Batik printed sarees, dupattas, nightwear and dresses.

Art Ichol - art and craft of Madhya Pradesh

Art Ichol

Making art with biodegradable waste may not sound amusing, but the end product stands out with its rustic, vintage appearance and sophisticated artistry. Art Ichol is one such form of workmanship! This process of turning floral waste into incense sticks is an eco-friendly initiative that promotes the conservation of the environment. Ambica Beri, the brain behind this phenomenal piece of craftsmanship, wanted to create something that would benefit the planet as well as empower women. What started with just 50 women, now boasts numerous groups of women that has made Art Ichol popular and desirable among consumers.

Patangarh's Gond Paintings

Celebrated for its unique design, Patangarh's Gond Paintings are a treat to sore eyes. This centuries-old method produces distinctive designs that were painted on walls, and in the recent past, we find them on paper. As the name suggests, these paintings were spearheaded by the Gond tribe of Madhya Pradesh. Inspired by nature, these paintings mesmerise with their unique artistic style. Its phenomenal brilliance has earned spots at global art exhibitions, even in today’s world. These pieces of art depict the modern psyche through their intricate designs, patterns and hues. It is a form of visual storytelling that tenders humour and stark honesty.

Bead jewellery - crafts of Madhya Pradesh
Gond paintings - famous handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh

Additionally, Madhya Pradesh is also known for various other artistic expressions, like bead jewellery, Zari Zardozi, bamboo basketry, Bhil paintings, Batto Bai Dolls, Chanderi and more! If you visit the state, make sure to indulge in some of these alluring handcrafted goods.

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