Embracing Chaos - March to June


Sunlight embraces the hills of Nainital from March and lasts till June. As the summer capital during the British era, Nainital has a Colonial era charm and aesthetic to it and attracts hordes of tourists during summer. Visiting Nainital during this time is akin to diving headfirst into vibrant chaos. The air buzzes with laughter and chatter of families, children riding ponies and the vendors calling out to you to sell various goods.

Best Time to visit Nainital

Since the mountains are free of snow during summer it is the best season to visit Nainital not only for families to escape the summer heat but also for adventure enthusiasts. Go boating on the lake with your family as the water reflects sunlight like a diamond or hike up to Tiffin Top for a gorgeous view and a picnic spot. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind before heading out for Nainital during peak season. Book your stay in advance, the key to exploring the hill station is using your daylight hours as much as you can, since the sun sets fast in Nainital and most importantly a little patience will take you a long way when traveling to Nainital during peak season.

A misty walk in the hills - October to February

Nainital is engulfed in mist from October to February. With pleasant days and chilly nights. One might wonder why to visit the hill station during winter when it is perhaps not the best season to visit Nainital. Imagine escaping into the mountains and walking through the mist to gorgeous sceneries and viewpoints; and if you are lucky watch the snowfall. If snowfall is what you are after the best month to visit Nainital is late December to January. If you want to try out something adventurous on the snow, set out for skiing or snowboarding down the snow-capped mountain slopes. Nainital is a haven for lovers of winter sports.

best season to visit Nainital

However, boating on the infamous lake seems unlikely during winter since boat services are likely to remain shut when the lake is frozen. This is no cause for dismay since you can still explore the delightful markets. Explore the Tibetan market wearing woollen mittens and warm yourself with a bowl or two of Thukpa.

After exploring the markets and going on a peaceful Eco Walk to Dorothy's Seat imagine cosying up in the warm indoors. The Ramgarh Bungalows - 19th Century, above Nainital has gorgeous rooms to choose from just for you to feel warm and cosy in. The resort has restored English cottages imbibing a vintage feel to your stay. Now that you have picked up the best time to visit Nainital and sorted out your stay, check out places to visit in Nainital and start planning your itinerary. The perfect time to visit Nainital at the end of the day all depends on the kind of traveller you are. If throngs of crowd do not please and a chill in the air does not deter you, the best time to visit the hill station would be the winter. However, if you wish to escape the heat of the summer and flee to a hill station explore Nainital in its summer glory from the months of March to June.