History and Philosophy: How We Started and Evolved

Neemrana Hotels  Mr Nath Mr Wacziarg

Simplicity as Style

We started by looking at restoring historical properties which held stories about the glorious past of India. What was first spotted in 1977 as a vast and splendid ruin of the Fort Palace of Neemrana has since become synonymous in India as a foremost example of architectural restoration-for-reuse. We have focused continuously on restoring our past historical wonders into modern day heritage hotels, which can give a true picture about our culture, heritage and values to the discerning traveller.

After the initial success, we focused even further on providing a unique, authentic Indian experience to our guests. We believe that they should get a feel of our history, culture and traditions and not be given only a cosmetic experience. We believe that our discerning travellers leave home to taste the 'difference' and seek authenticity rather than faked luxury by interior decorators.

We call ourselves 'non-hotel' hotels as none of our properties were originally meant to be hotels. They are all monuments of historical significance with different stories to tell about our glorious history and culture. And, they have been restored by us to their past magnificence and glory!

The Neemrana 'non-hotel' Hotel brand of hospitality hinges on the real – not necessarily on the ever-escalating standards of more. In India, where dramatic disparities exist, Neemrana has not so much raised the bar of Indian hospitality, as worked concertedly towards involving local communities and creating another niche whereby the experiencing of history and its architectural treasures has now become a part of the Indian tourism repertoire.

Long before one can enjoy the Neemrana experience, it is vital to humble oneself before the vast and continuous sprawl of our built  history. Humans only walk in later.

Standing at the foot of eternity, one must understand that even though we are specks on this planet, it is the smallest joys which can offer us all the fruits of the cosmos. This awareness can open within us a new, positive approach to experience the unexpected diversity that India unravels.

Life is not all about escalating into 'luxury' – which is a passing illusion of possession called Maya. To get 'more' from 'less' is what India can teach from its vantage point in philosophical evolution. Eventually, it is simplicity which is the ultimate in style.

- Aman Nath & Late. Mr Francis Wacziarg