Exploring the Tamil Nadu Coastline

The exquisite land of Tamil Nadu lies in the South Indian peninsula. Tucked between the lofty Nilgiri Hills and the spectacular Bay of Bengal, it is a paradise for all nature lovers. It witnesses a beautiful amalgamation of the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. The pristine water of the Bay of Bengal is an abode for several serene beaches in India. It is arrayed with stunning historical monuments and breathtaking landscapes. Explore the charming beaches with us and embark on a scenic retreat along the Tamil Nadu coastline.

Here is a list of the beautiful Tamil Nadu coastal towns you cannot miss.


Mahabalipuram, popularly known as Mamallapuram is an exotic beach located 58 km from the capital city, Chennai. Stretching along the coastline of the Bay of Bengal, it is one of the finest beaches in Tamil Nadu. The golden sky, caramel beaches and rich historical relics constitute Mahabalipuram. The magnificent seashore features the Shore Temple and Monolithic Caves that enchant tourists from all over the world. Mahabalipuram is known for its impeccable beach surrounding the sea and offers the perfect place to sunbathe. If you are into adventurous activities, try out windsurfing and swimming along the exciting tides. This place is not only limited to the beach, it is also home to the famous snake venom extracting centre and crocodile bank. The famous Dance Festival which takes place during December or January is one of the main tourist attractions.

Neemrana's Coconut Alley -  a temple amidst azure blue sky

Neemrana's Coconut Alley - Nataraj Temple with a crystal clear lake in front of it


Chidambaram is a scenic town, located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. Adorned with several historical places and tranquil beaches, this lively hamlet is known for celebrating festivals throughout the year. It is dotted with iconic places that include Silver Beach (one of the longest beaches in Asia), Poompuhar Beach and Nataraj Temple. 

In the southern part of Silver Beach lies the charming South Cuddalore Bay. The scintillating backwater here is ideal for adventurous water sports and boating. The sacred Nataraj Temple is one of the must-visit places in Tamil Nadu and is assorted with intricate Chola architecture. The atmosphere here is serene and it is one of the oldest surviving temples in India. The Marghazhi Thiruvaadhira, Aani Thirumanjanam and Chittirai Thiruvonam are some of the key festivals celebrated in the Nataraj Temple.


Kanyakumari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu. This coastal town is enriched with picturesque scenery and a striking heritage. Dwelling along the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula, it witnesses a transcendental blend of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise and sunset from the view tower situated in Triveni Sangam. When in Kanyakumari, check out these remarkable places: Kanyakumari Beach, Thirparappu Falls, Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thanumalayan Temple, Kumari Amman Temple and Thiruvalluvar Statue.

Neemrana's Coconut Alley - a beautiful monument amidst the sparkling blue ocean

Neemrana's Coconut Alley - sea waves crashing against the seashore


Tranquebar, also known as "the land of the singing waves" is a clandestine beach town perched between the ravishing Kaveri River and the Bay of Bengal. The radiant town witnesses a convergence of Indian and Danish cultures. Some of the iconic places in Tranquebar include Fort Dansborg, Zion Church, the Old Danish Cemetery, Masilamani Nathar Temple and the Zieganbalg museum complex.

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