Kochi: The Queen of the Arabian Sea

Kochi is a major port situated on the Malabar Coast of India, located in Kerala. It is celebrated as the gateway to Kerala and is connected to the country’s major cities. Since the 14th century, the place has been an important trade centre for spices on the west coast of India.

‘Kochi’ is derived from the Malayalam word ‘Kochazhi’, which means small lagoon. The city’s calming waters and surrounding coastal lines have earned it the title of the Queen of the Arabian Sea.
Kochi maintained a trade network with Arab merchants since the pre-Islamic era. In 1503, Kochi was the first European colony in colonial India to be occupied by the Portuguese. Later, the city was occupied by the Dutch and the British, with the Kingdom of Kochi becoming a princely state.

Kochi, The Queen of the Arabian Sea
Kochi, The Queen of the Arabian Sea 2

Reasons to Visit Kochi

Kochi, Queen of Arabian Sea, is a unique and an enthralling tourist destination. Several Portuguese have now settled in Kochi and named it as their home.

The history of Kochi port plays an important role in attracting tourists. The city has a rich blend of history and culture. The effect of a melodious integration of the Indian and the western cultures offers a quintessential identity to Kochi.

The Centre Point for Trade


Kochi is known for its rich historical presence. It was an integral source of trade. Merchants from China, Rome, Greece and Portugal would buy herbs and spices and sell their items in the markets of Kochi. The amalgamation of various cultures had a strong influence on the lives of the native population. Due to its abundant growth of spices, Kochi became a pivotal figure in India’s trading business.

Backwaters in Kochi
Food in Kochi, queen of Arabian Sea

Availability of Delectable Dishes

The city hosts a large number of dining options for tourists. Kochi is known for its elaborate menu of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Some of the winning dishes include Puttu Kadala, Kappa Boti, Pazham Pori and Beef curry, Beef Vindaloo and Appam with stew. Due to its close proximity to the coast, the availability of fresh fish is high. The city is a pioneer of innovative fish preparations (Fish Molly and Meen Molagita Curry) that are both nutritious and tasty. People from across the globe travel to devour the unique and rich flavours of Kochi. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods prepared here are mouth-watering.

Best Time to Visit Kochi

Due to being a coastal region, travelling during the winter months (between October and February) is considered ideal. The weather remains pleasant and less damp that makes exploring the quaint city satisfying. The months of May and June witnesses extreme heat that hampers travelling. Kochi also faces heavy rainfall during the months of August and September, and thus, is not an ideal time to visit.

Kochi is known for offering comfortable and luxurious accommodations for guests. From rustic homestays to lavish hotels, Kochi has it all! If you wish to pamper yourself to an elegant stay at one of the ravishing heritage properties, then do visit The Tower House - 17th Century! Celebrated for its immaculate rooms and an impeccable service, this hotel in Cochin promises a wonderful stay.

fishermen fishing using nets during sunset
an image of a each with calm waves during the day

Major Attractions in Kochi

The Queen of Arabian Sea is renowned for its rich historical and cultural presence, which gave rise to tourist attractions like historical places and museums - Fort Kochi and Hill Palace Museum. It also offers several shopping places like Mattancherry for leisure guests who wish to buy a souvenir or two. You can also enjoy the local flora and fauna while visiting some of the famous reservoirs and wildlife parks. Visit Athirapally Waterfall if you are a nature enthusiast. Embrace a relaxing afternoon with your loved ones at the cool backwaters of Kochi, parallel to the Arabian Sea. Marine Drive, one of the most renowned landmarks in Kochi, allures tourists and locals alike with its tranquil surroundings and ethereal panoramas.