Best Places to Visit in South India in January

South India, also known as Peninsular India, is home to the five iconic states - Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. Each state exudes a laid-back vibe making it the perfect place for touring. Peninsular India is home to fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Sites and pristine beaches, and the colder months is considered the best time to visit.

There are a few places in South India that you should consider visiting during the nippy weather of January. Not only will you be welcomed with unparalleled natural beauty but also a luxurious staying option promised by Neemrana Hotels.


The Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin, is a paradisiacal place that calls thalassophiles from across the world! This city should be one of the places in South India to visit in January due to the many attractions it bestows. This coastal city is an alluring destination due to the year-end carnival and festivities with lights, music and an atmosphere of merriment.

an evening view of Chinese fishing nets with the sun setting in the background
The Tower House - a pool with clear blue water captured during dusk

Apart from witnessing the ecstatic New Year celebrations, the chilly weather makes exploring the city a pleasant affair. Some famous landmarks include Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi, Hill Palace Museum and several churches like Santa Cruz Basilica and Vallarpadam Church. As you saunter through the city of Kochi, reserve a pleasant stay at Neemrana’s The Tower House - 17th Century. The luxurious heritage property sits close to the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets, making it an ideal layover for tourist travellers.


The Land of the Singing Waves, Tranquebar, is a quaint beach town. It receives a major footfall from tourists during the colder months when the temperature reaches as low as 23 degrees Celcius. Since the weather stays relatively pleasant, exploring the heritage buildings and tourist attractions becomes a more satisfactory experience. The Danish-influenced town has many tourist attractions that charm travellers - the 1620 Danish fort called Fort Dansborg, the European-style New Jerusalem Church and Tharangambadi Beach.

view of the exterior of Danish Fort located on the banks of a river
alley view outside rooms with trees

One of the best places in South India to visit in January, Tranquebar, has many luxurious lodges that make the overall experience worthwhile. Neemrana presents two heritage properties that are sure to uplift your sojourn - The Bungalow on the Beach - 17th Century and Neemrana’s Coconut Alley. Each of these properties curates bespoke experiences for guests coming to Tranquebar.


Coonoor is one of the leading producers of Nilgiri tea and is a quaint hill station nestled amongst the Nilgiris. Its calming ambience makes the location desirable amongst nature lovers. The months between October and March are considered the best period to steal a trip. January is when Coonoor becomes a winter wonderland, posing as the ideal location to explore.

a panoramic view of a tea field
Facade of the hotel in the night with metal chairs and a small table in the garden - Wallwood Garden - 19th Century, Coonoor

Some of the most popular attractions that demand a visit are the idyllic Sim’s Park, Dolphin’s Nose, Ketty Valley, Droog Fort, Wellington Golf Course and several churches that deck themselves during the Christmas season. As you visit the mist-covered Coonoor, pamper yourself to an opulent stay at Neemrana’s Wallwood Garden - 19th Century. Our Hotel in Coonoor offers vintage-style accommodations that keep you warm and cosy in the winter.

Being surrounded by massaive water bodies from all sides, the southern part of India receives cool breezes that make vacationing here favourable. It bodes to be the perfect time when tourists and locals alike indulge in water sports activities and sweat-free sightseeing. So pack your bags and plan the ideal getaway to South India with friends and family!