Feel the Bygone Era - History of Shekhawati

With pleasant weather from November to February, Shekhawati beckons travellers to explore the bygone era while basking in the warm rays of the golden sun. Set up in the 15th century under the leadership of Rao Shekha, Shekhawati emerged as a major trading hub in Rajasthan. Trading in opium, cotton and spices on the infamous spice route connecting Western India to the Ganges valley; the first independent ruler Rao Shekha managed to bring prosperity to his newly established kingdom. Although the rich history of Shekhwati in Rajasthan, traces back to the days of Matsya rulers, the architectural marvels that still stand tall to be admired are from this era with a touch of the colonial influence ushered in, in the 19th century.

If you have always been fascinated by the trade and trading routes in India be it the ancient spice routes or the ones belonging to the colonial era, the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan is the place to visit to satisfy your hunger for history. The magnificent and vibrant architecture in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan is a testament to the power and influence of the Marwari traders who had prospered by trading in a variety of goods from Shekhawati.

A haveli in Shekhawati with wall paintings
aerial view of The Piramal Haveli - 20th Century, Shekhavati - one of the best heritage hotels in rajasthan

Experiences Shekhawati Has to Offer

Since the gorgeous architecture is one of the numerous things Shekhawati is famous for, do check out the Open Air Art Gallery and walk through the numerous havelis while you are lost in the stories of the past. Adorned with frescoes depicting historical events and Indian mythology the frescoes are akin to reading stories but from walls and ceilings.

The murals speak not only about the mastery of architecture but what brilliant storytellers of the region. After you have checked out the Gallery, walk around and explore the other architectural marvels and delve deeper into the history of Shekhawati by visiting the intricately carved stone wells and temples in the area.

Be transported back to the present by visiting the traditional Shekhwati markets or perhaps check out the folk songs and dances of the region. However, if you are craving for an overall experience for what Shekhawati has to offer there are a couple of more activities that you need to squeeze into your already packed schedule. Practice yoga and mindfulness after exploring the magnificent architecture or even check out other sites like Mandawa which is known for its painted havelis. It is to be noted that no Shekhawati tour is complete without a camel ride, therefore, hop on a camel and let the sway of the desert beast carry you over the dunes of Rajasthan.

The tomb of a temple in Rajasthan

Naturally, you would not want to lose the feel of the marvellous architecture of the region when you hit the hay for a night's rest. Do not worry or even look any further, book your room at Piramal Haveli based on your favourite colour and indulge in the Shekhawati experience in our Rajasthani-Italianate heritage hotel. Do not just explore the rustic Marwari havelis but also stay in one. Know more about the Shekhawati region, Rajasthan with our itinerary and book your trip to this gorgeous location without a shadow of a doubt.

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