Places to Visit in Gwalior at Night

Gwalior is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Madhya Pradesh, and it is well-known for its culture and architecture. This city is home to the Gwalior Fort. The mighty structure is situated on a hill and covers an area of 3 sq. kilometres. While most tourist activities are visited during the day, there are a few places in Gwalior that come alive at night. Let’s look at some of these places you can visit during your stay in this majestic city.

Gwalior Fort: Light and Sound Show

Gwalior Fort is usually at the top of a tourist’s bucket list when visiting Gwalior. The highlight of the Light and Sound Show at the fort is witnessing this grand structure illuminated at night. Apart from the stunning visuals, tourists also listen to the narration of sage Gwalipa’s story, and Amitabh Bachchan narrating the story is certainly the icing on the cake. The tale also explores the time when this fort underwent tempestuous times in the past.

Deo Bagh - 17th Century Gwalior - Gwalior fort side view
Deo Bagh - 17th Century Gwalior - Bazaar in Gwalior

Patankar Bazaar

Located in the southwestern part of Gwalior is the residential area known as Patankar Bazaar. After consuming all the sights this city offers, you can end your day by picking up souvenirs for your loved ones in this bazaar. This place is an absolute delight for those that adore handicrafts, stone-carved artefacts and handloom objects. Aside from souvenirs, Patankar Bazaar also features plenty of street food options to satiate your hunger pangs. It is noteworthy to mention that the stores are open till 9 pm.

Indian Coffee House

Visiting multiple forts, museums, and other places of importance on the same day can get tiring. If you want to energise yourself with a cup of coffee in the evening, Indian Coffee House is the place to be. Reasonable prices, good ambience, and proximity to the railway station make it a great place for a quick pitstop. Aside from coffee, this place offers an assortment of delicious dosas.

Deo Bagh - 17th Century Gwalior - Coffee on a table
Deo Bagh - 17th Century Gwalior - people dancing in a night club

Jalsa Club and Lounge

Gwalior might not be the most popular place for its nightlife, but it offers options to those who want to spend their night on the dance floor. Jalsa Club and Lounge is a notable place for friends to socialise over a couple of drinks. The lounge offers an attractive ambience, and an assortment of beverages is something you can look forward to when visiting. Jalsa Club and Lounge is a great place to visit to experience the nightlife in Gwalior.

When in Gwalior, Deo Bagh can be the hotel for your stay. 17th-Century Maratha temples are converted into this magnificent heritage hotel and offer comfortable accommodations.