Explore the Historic Town of Neemrana, Rajasthan

The popular historic town of Alwar, Neemrana is a treasure trove of heritage and rich culture. It is a landmark adorned by history enthusiasts and curious explorers. The history of Neemrana dates back thousands of years, from when Chauhans occupied the 16th-century hill fort, till 1947. Although the township has evolved into an industrial belt with sprawling industries and IT developments, Neemrana city has still preserved its historic sites and charm.

Get lost amid the enchanting walls of Neemrana Fort Palace

Nestled amid the stunning Aravalli mountains, the fort palace sprawls over ten hectares of land. The history of Neemrana Fort Palace dates back to the 15th century. After being defeated by Muhammad Ghori in battle, Prithviraj Chauhan III fled Delhi in 1464 and founded Neemrana Fort Palace. As the façade of the palace began to crumble and the ramparts began to crack in 1947, Raja Rajinder Singh of Neemrana was forced to leave. Today, the palace has been restored to a grand hotel offering tourists a confluence of luxury and comfort within the fort. One of Jaipur's oldest and best heritage resorts, Neemrana Fort Palace offers a heritage stay. Designed with vintage-like rooms and regal dining outlets, the historic resort is the ultimate place for a memorable vacation.

a fort with thick foliage
The view of a lake surrounded with hills

Rejuvenate yourself by Siliserh Lake

Spread across an area of 7 km, this charming lake of Siliserh is located in the regal state of Rajasthan. It owes its establishment to Maharaja Vinay Khan in the year 1845. It is an intriguing spot amongst history buffs. When tired while exploring the city, take a walk along the lake or sip on hot chai while staring at the contours of the Aravalli mountains flanking the water body.

A trip to the abandoned stepwell of Baori

The stepwell is one of the most important junctures in the history of Neemrana. Baori is considered one of the largest and deepest step wells in India. As you climb down the 170 steps, you will soon be encompassed by the cold moist earthen atmosphere. As you go further, you will come across a unique, deep canyon. Built around 600 CE, it is an unusual type of water-harvesting structure. Its magnificence may have been diminished by corrosion, but it has not been destroyed completely. Exploring the heritage of Neemrana city is incomplete without visiting Baori, and soaking in the tranquillity of the place. To this date, the place is used to store groundwater.

an old fort with a pool or bathing area
A traveller exploring the forts of Rajasthan

Take a stroll inside the historic Bala Quila Fort

The history of Neemrana remains incomplete without one of the ancient heritage spots, Bala Quila also known as the 'Young Fort'. The fort was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1550 A.D. It has six historical entrances and is 5 km long and 1.5 km wide. Built in 1551 AD, the Alwar fort has been ruled by several kingdoms, like the Mughals, the Marathas, and the Jats. In addition to its exquisite carvings, the fort also contains many other historic structures like Suraj Kud, Jal Mahal, and Nikumbha Mahal Palace. Due to its size and its strategic location on the Aravalli range, the fort protects the magnificent city of Alwar. Apart from a little renovation, the place still remains the same, reminding tourists of the bygone era and taking them back in time as they stroll through the fort complexes.