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‘Fear and Unpredictability must be addressed’ - Aman Nath

Aman Nath, the chairman and founder of Neemrana Hotels speaks about the pandemic impact on the hospitality sector and shares some key insights on how to deal with this situation.

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Aman Nath, Chairman Of Neemrana Hotels' Take On The Post-COVID-19 World

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Aman Nath, Chairman Of Neemrana Hotels takes about the world-wide pandemic's effect on hospitality. He expresses his views on how the government can alleviate pain and boost the tourism industry. He insists on being optimistic in the most testing times and Neemrana is focusing on socially responsible tourism approach.

Aman Nath wants us to hold on to faith and comforts that India will bounce back to being Incredible India.

Sustainable Tourism Approach By Neemrana Hotels

Sustainability is not just a trend for this 20th Century, it is also a necessity. We need to have a sustainable approach in every aspect of life. Travelling cannot be any exception to the rule. We are grateful to Conde Nast Traveller for appreciating our effort to make travel sustainable. 

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Neemrana Fort Palace Enhancing The Experinece

Neemrana Fort Palace, once a tragic ruin is now revived into this beautiful fort palace for travellers to visit, stay and mesmerize its beauty. Let's rediscover the beauty behind medieval walls and experience period interiors like never before.


Exclusive Rendezvous with the founder of Neemrana Hotels

An exclusive tête-à-tête with Aman Nath, Co-founder & Chairman of the Neemrana Hotels shares his insights on leadership, talent and work from his years of experience.

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Neemrana Hotels  Mr Amar Nath Neemrana Hotels

Participants of Miss India 2019 with GM Neemrana Fort-Palace Vivek Shukla and team

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The Honourable Minister of Tourism, Uttarakhand presented Neemrana's Hill Fort – Kesroli, The Outlook Award 2018 for The Best Heritage Hotel. Join this mark of happiness with us at Neemrana Hotels and magnify our reasons to celebrate!

Neemrana Fort-Palace Featured As One Of The Best Art Hotels In India - Spice Route Magazine

Neemrana Fort Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace, Rajasthan is a 15th century fort and is one of India’s oldest heritage resort in Rajasthan sprawled over 25 acres of land in the backdrop of the Aravalli range. The true gems at this elegant and unique stay are the rooms. Each more exceptional than the other.

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