Hiking and Trekking Trails Near Jaipur

Jaipur is mostly known for its historic forts and palaces. However, if you are seeking an off-beat experience of the city, the hikes and treks near Jaipur are the city’s hidden gems. These trails will lead you away from the hustle and bustle of the cities into the lap of nature with the most rewarding views of beautiful landscapes. We’ve listed a few below:

Hathni Kund Trek
Hathni Kund trek is also referred to as the Water Valley trek. Jaipur is dotted with several trails to hike on, and Hathni Kund is the most popular one. The trail winds through the thick vegetation of the Aravalli Ranges and some fascinating ancient ruins of temples and forts before you reach the highest point where you can relish the refreshing views of the ranges and the forests. The starting point of this trek is at Charan Mandir near Nahargarh Fort. While on the trail during monsoons, the beautiful flowers of the sickle bush tree are hard to miss. The most awaited sight of this trail is the waterfall at Hathni Kund which flows down in its full glory during the monsoon months.

The woods

A hill

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek
Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek is one of the oldest treks near Jaipur. The hike starts at Amer from either Mahadev Shiv Mandir or Jati Balaji Temple. You can drive up to either of the starting points and park your car before embarking on an enchanting journey. The rugged path of the hiking trail will take you through rough terrains of the Aravallis wherein you can observe the natural flora comprising shrubberies and trees. There are some ruins on the way where you can catch your breath while basking in the historic aesthetic of these points. The short trek usually takes 40-60 minutes on the way up and hence is perfect for all travelers who are willing to walk the distance.

Nahargarh Fort Trek

Nahargarh Fort trek is also a very popular trek undertaken by trekking groups in Jaipur. However, you can also choose to explore the trail by yourself. The hike includes a characteristic cobbled path. The trail originates from Purani Basti or Garh Ganesh Temple. You should ideally start for the fort early in the morning at about 7 am, or if you prefer an evening walk, 4 pm is the perfect time to start. You will witness the natural beauty of the water streams dotting the path surrounded by natural greenery. The destination of the trek, Nahargarh Fort, is a fine example of ancient Indian architecture. You might recognise certain spots in the fort where a few scenes of the Bollywood film, Rang De Basanti were filmed.

a green blanketed terrain

A hill beneath a cloudy sky


Chulgiri hiking trail is a tad bit more difficult than the treks mentioned above owing to the rustic, naturally carved path that courses through the forests. A steady climb will take you to the Digamber Jain temples in Jaipur. There’s also an option of taking a winding staircase that leads you up to the temples. Either of the paths comes with promising panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Once you reach the top you will be enthralled by the bird’s eye view of the landscape below.

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