Places to Eat Street Food in Gwalior

Ask anyone about the food in India, and they will tell you that street food is the best representation of India’s delicious fare. A holiday is incomplete without enjoying the food of the city that you are visiting, and the fun is only doubled when it is sensory-tingling street food. There are many spots where you can enjoy the street food in Gwalior, but it can be tricky to identify the best joints. The flavour-filled experience of munching on dishes offered by street-food vendors is simply heavenly.
Here is a list of the best street food in Gwalior to enjoy while exploring the city.


Everyone loves a well-prepared old-school kachori. Foodies should take a stop to try the city’s kachori before attempting other delicacies. Gwalior is renowned for its finger-licking kachoris. SS Kachoriwala is one such shop on Nayi Sadak, offering mouth-watering and freshly-made hot kachoris. So gorge on some tasty kachoris by getting up early in the morning and visiting these stalls, because these yummy kachoris sell out very fast.

Kachori in Gwalior


While munching on hot kachoris, you’ll be attracted by the aroma of boondi being fried in desi ghee. This fragrance will lead your senses to a sweet little shop named Bahadoora Ke Laddoo. It is famous for its fresh, finger-licking boondi ke laddoos. Grab these freshly made boondi ke laddoos, made with desi ghee. If you are a big fan of Indian sweets, then these laddoos are tiny pearls among must-try Gwalior street foods.


Puffed or flattened rice, also known as poha, is another scintillating street food in Gwalior. Walk towards Daal Bazar from Nayi Sadak, and you’ll see a large tawa with mouth-watering poha. Aggarwal Poha Bhandar is a renowned stall that serves this soul-filling delicious snack. Try out a plate of this freshly-steamed, multi-textural, chaat-like delicacy to revel in the delights of the unique cooking style that makes this snack stand above the others. It is cooked with some extra masalas, which will surely spice up your tastebuds and your day. Do not miss out on tasting this not-only-tasty, but also a healthy snack.

pani puri in Gwalior

Lambi Pani Poori

Some call it panipuri; for some, it is Golgappa, Phuchka and so on. You would have heard all these names, but what you wouldn’t have heard about is Lambi Pani Poori. They are soul-stirring panipuris that people have been enjoying for a long time in Gwalior. It is shaped like a little cucumber and served with filling on the streets. Try this tasty street food in Gwalior, which is craved by many hearts.

Karela Chaat

Another delectable Gwalior street food delicacy is karela chaat, which has nothing to do with the vegetable karela or bitter gourd. Instead, it is a tastier version of papri chaat, which is loved by the masses. Karela, unlike papri, is a deep-fried dough sheet, which is served on the plate along with matar. Karela used in the chaat makes it look pretty and taste heavenly.

Paneer Jalebi

Jalebi is an Indian sweet that is loved by everyone. You must be familiar with jalebi, but have you heard of Paneer jalebi? Jodhpur Misthan Bhandar is a famous street food shop in Gwalior that offers delicious paneer jalebi - a thick yet soft variant made with freshly strained paneer, which is coated with fine sugary syrup. This treat makes locals and travellers fall in love with Gwalior street food right away.

Petha Gilori

Petha Gilori is one of the best sweets in Gwalior that will surely invigorate your taste buds. Pancchiraj is a famous sweet shop in Gwalior that offers Petha Gilori. This paan flavoured petha sheet tastes like mint supari, paan and gulkand. A single clove binds this sweet in the shape of a gilori, hence the name. A large number of travellers have attested to its simply awesome flavour, making it a much-revered specialty.

jalebi in Gwalior
chaat in Gwalior
laddoo in Gwalior

It is considered a paradise for foodies, especially street-food enthusiasts who love exploring the best places to eat street food in Gwalior. Enjoy lip-smacking street food and a stay at our heritage property - Neemrana’s Deo Bagh 17th C, Gwalior, for a delightful getaway.