A Visit to Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

The Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is renowned for its exquisite coastlines and tranquil nature. The city is a friendly abode to many tourists, especially nature lovers. Places of interest like Marine Drive, beaches and of course the ever-so-popular Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary make the city alluring. To increase the awareness and visibility of the sanctuary, an initiative by the Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department has enabled free nature camping here.

A Haven for Bird Lovers

Mangalavanam, Kochi is an ecological paradise protecting a number of winged species. Celebrated as the “green lung of Kochi”, this refuge for birds is complemented by the surrounding Arabian Sea that makes the place scenically brilliant. The bird sanctuary attracts a large crowd of wildlife photographers and bird watchers due to an impressive selection of migratory and exotic birds. This humble homestead contains about 194 birds across 32 species, making bird watching in Kochi easy. Some of the most common birds found here are common greenshank, marsh sandpiper, little cormorant and white-breasted waterhen.

a white-breasted waterhen roaming around
a white pelican standing in water

Flora at Mangalavanam

Apart from its rich population of charming birds, the sanctuary is filled with dense flora. It has dominant mangrove vegetation that covers the landscape, adding to the greenery. The vegetation surrounds a small tidal lake, further beautifying the ecosystem. Some of the most popular mangrove species include Rhizophora mucronata, Acrostichum aureum and Avicennia officinalis. Trees of teak, eucalyptus and timber are quite prevalent here as well. Due to the abundant verdure, the temperature at Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary always remains quite pleasant and cool.

Other Species of Fauna Found at the Sanctuary

Apart from the magnanimous number of birds, Managalavanam is home to several other creatures. This includes 17 species of butterflies, Eurasian otters, the flying fox, three-striped palm squirrel and a variety of marine life that can be found swimming in the tidal lake.

Amid the sanctuary lies a watch tower that allows travellers to look far beyond and inside the dense forest. Carrying a camera is a must if you wish to preserve memories of your visit. The best time to visit is between the early summer months, from mid-January to early March, when that locale is free of dark clouds and the scorching sun.

a butterfly drawing in nectar from a flower

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