Rajasthan boasts a rich cultural heritage, making it the ideal place for people who indulge in music and art. One can feel the spirit of celebration and exuberance pervade this wonderful province. Since this is a desert region, the weather is quite harsh for most of the year. However, it is pleasant during the winter season, allowing tourists to comfortably travel to Rajasthan’s panoramic views and experience its culture. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in Rajasthan in November and December.


Kumbalgarh Festival takes place in the last month of the year and features talented artists specializing in folk music and dance. As dusk settles, the stunning view and the euphonic tunes will enchant the tourists attending this festival. The festival allows the tourists to truly engage in this delightful event, as it hosts fun games like tug of war. This festival makes Mewar one of the best places in Rajasthan to visit in December.

Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace - overview of the Mewar palace
Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace - View of Jaipur palace


The Pink City has a wide range of activities to take part in. Jaipur is home to archaic forts and busy restaurants that will leave foodies craving for more. Each street in this city has a story to tell, and sauntering along the streets is a great way to experience Jaipur. Tourists who fancy a royal stay can do so, as a few of the palaces in the city are converted to luxury hotels. The city also hosts the Jaipur Literature Festival, which takes place in January and exemplifies thoughtful debates and discussions. The International Kite Flying Festival also takes place in this majestic city on January 14 every year.


Visiting Alwar during the winter would be a delightful experience for nature lovers. The experience is far better in the winters since the temperatures range between 5 and 28 degrees Celsius, making it a pleasant stay for those that are used to extreme weather. This city is known for the Sariska Tiger Reserve, home to the Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Honey Badger, Striped Hyenas and many others. The reserve offers numerous packages allowing tourists to observe these magnificent animals in their habitat. The pleasant weather makes it perfect for tourists to visit some of the popular monuments like the Bhangarh Fort. If you're planning to stay in Alwar, check Hill Fort-Kesroli. Experience a stay in a 14th-century fort that has comfortable rooms.

Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace - Alwar reservoir lake
Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace - Jal Mahal in Shekhawati


Shekhawati is well known for its beautifully painted Havelis, especially the Nawalgarh Fort. Fatehpur is another popular spot that most people visit while staying in Shekhawati. It is known for the Nadine le Prince Cultural Centre, opened by a French artist who renovated an entire Haveli. People who appreciate and love art can look forward to beautiful paintings with some of the finest fresco pieces. Shekhawati is well-known among pilgrims as it is home to the Balaji Dham and the Dwarkadheesh temple. The Piramal Haveli is a lovely place to stay, the accommodation here is comfortable, and the experience of staying in a castle can be memorable.