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Situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Tijara is a fort-palace turned heritage hotel, a premium offering by the renowned Neemrana Hotels Group. Situated close to the north-western outskirts of Rajasthan, Tijara is only 2 hrs drive from Delhi, yet away from all the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced capital. It is the ideal spot for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi, and an opportunity for a respite where you can cool off in a royal swimming pool, sans your hectic lifestyle! That's right, head on over to this heritage hotel near Delhi for an unforgettable experience!

Witness the amazing architecture of this 19th-century palace that was left unfinished during Alwar’s Maharaja Balwant Singh's reign in 1845. Left untouched, the structure succumbed to nature, with thickets and dense foliage overrunning the buildings. New life was breathed into it when Neemrana Hotels took over the property and restored it. Now, this majestic fort-palace stands tall and strong on top of a hill, overlooking the surrounding plains of Alwar. The Tijara Fort-Palace is a hidden gem in Alwar which makes it a perfect place to spend private time with family and friends.

the intricately designed exterior of a temple

We encourage our guests to take a break from their engrossing digital life, to appreciate the astounding beauty that surrounds, making Tijara different from the rest of the heritage hotels in Alwar. Rather than staying cooped up in your room and having a day like any other, we cheer you on to walk through the finely decorated hallways, caress the walls, spend lovely moments at the top of the palace towers, watch the sunset, click pictures and enjoy the little things in life. Stroll through the terrace gardens decorated with a melange of flowers bursting with life, play a game of carroms, indulge in a relaxing time at the spa, sip some tea, all while marvelling at the architecture and ambience that Tijara exudes. Add a pinch of deliciousness in your staying experience with the Royal Dinning. The Guests can also enjoy scrumptious meals under the blissful sky.

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Come, visit Tijara Fort-Palace, Alwar, for a weekend getaway that is straight out of a fairytale!

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