Tourist Attractions in Alwar: Must-Visit Places

Alwar is a charming city located in the heart of Rajasthan and a treasure trove of history, culture and natural beauty. Nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills, this city boasts an array of tourist attractions that will transport you to a bygone era and leave you in awe of its natural wonders. In this blog, we'll take you on a tour of the tourist places in Alwar, Rajasthan, from grand palaces to serene lakes and wildlife sanctuaries.

Alwar Fort

Alwar Fort, also known as Bala Quila, is a majestic hill fort that stands as a symbol of Alwar's rich history. This imposing structure is perched atop a hill and offers panoramic views of the city below. Visitors can explore the various palaces, temples and gateways within the premises of the fort, each echoing the tales of Rajput valour. The fort's architecture, with its red sandstone walls and intricate carvings, is a must-visit on your Alwar tourist spots itinerary.

a bird's eye view of the Alwar Fort from above with greenery surrounding it
aerial view of the city of Alwar with buildings near a lake and hills in the background

City Palace

The Alwar City Palace is a testament to the grandeur of the Alwar royal family. This magnificent palace, a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture, showcases a rich collection of artefacts, weapons and royal memorabilia. The sprawling complex is the perfect place to learn about the region's history and royal lifestyle.

Siliserh Lake Palace

Located amidst the picturesque Siliserh Lake, the Siliserh Lake Palace is a serene retreat that serves as a royal hunting lodge. Surrounded by lush gardens and a tranquil lake, it's an ideal spot for a peaceful picnic or boat ride. The palace is now a heritage hotel where visitors can experience regal hospitality.

a palace in the middle of a hill near a lake with blue skies in the background
birds perched on a small island in a lake in the sariska wildlife sanctuary

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

For nature enthusiasts, the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit attraction in Alwar. This sanctuary is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, deer, antelopes and numerous bird species. You can embark on a thrilling safari to spot these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Bhangarh Fort

Known as one of the most haunted places in India, Bhangarh Fort is a popular destination for thrill-seekers and history buffs. This fort is engulfed by myths and legends, adding to its eerie charm. While exploring the well-preserved ruins, you can't help but feel the weight of history and mystery.

an overview of the road leading to the bhangarh fort with a hill in the background
a view from inside a temple at alwar of a small red temple seen from the gaps

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri is an architectural gem that showcases the artistry of the region. This stunning cenotaph is dedicated to Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his queen, Rani Moosi. It features intricate carvings and domed structures, making it a must-see for architecture and history enthusiasts.

Vijay Mandir Palace

Vijay Mandir Palace, set amidst lush gardens, is a hidden gem in Alwar. This palace showcases a fusion of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. Its beautifully manicured gardens and tranquil surroundings offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

a close up view of a palace with columns below and the fort above
waterfall cascading down with trees in the background and big rocks in the foreground

Garbhaji Waterfall

A short drive from Alwar will take you to Garbhaji Waterfall, a delightful spot for nature lovers. Surrounded by dense forests, this cascading waterfall provides a refreshing escape from the city's heat and noise. A visit to Garbhaji Waterfall promises a serene and rejuvenating experience.

Alwar is a city that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Rajasthan, with its rich history, stunning architecture and natural beauty. Whether you're an architecture aficionado, a wildlife enthusiast, or someone seeking an offbeat adventure, sightseeing in Alwar will keep every type of traveller busy. So, plan your next trip to Alwar, and get ready to explore its hidden treasures.

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