Things to do Around Tranquebar Fort

There is no denying the rich cultural heritage and historical significance that Tamil Nadu possesses. It is a land known for several temples, forts, and artistic expressions. Tharangambadi Fort is one of the most popular forts in the city, which is also the second-largest Danish fort. The site has a lot of history and culture attached to it, making it one of the most frequented places in Tamil Nadu. The fort is located in close proximity to the picturesque beach in Tharangambadi. The location is quite the crowd-puller as it opens the door to a myriad of places to visit.

Visit Fort Dansborg

Once you reach the alluring beach, the first thing you should do is visit the Danish Fort Tharangambadi. Explore the ancient passageways and immerse yourself in the historical facts of yesteryears. The fascination of the Danes with Tharangambadi led to the development of the fort, which since its inception, became a hotspot amongst sightseers. So, take a minute out and appreciate this Danish colony in Tamil Nadu.

tharangambadi fort

A Trip to New Jerusalem Church

New Jerusalem Church is yet another archetype of Danish architecture. The serene church has a cemetery attached to it as well. Built in 1718, the religious structure is influenced by both Indian and European styles. The church is also the location where the famous member of the Lutheran clergy, Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg’s tomb rests. This makes the church in Tharangambadi a popular tourist destination.

Masilamani Nathar Temple

Tamil Nadu is known for enticing tourists to visit its magnificent temples, and Masilamani Nathar Temple is one such example. A 700-year-old temple, which is characterised by its unique architecture. It is a Shiva temple that showcases its exquisite conglomeration of Chinese and Tamil designs. It is located 300 m from Tranquebar Danish Fort. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the 13th-century shore temple overlooks enamouring views of the beach, making it a picturesque and calm destination to visit.

Tharangambadi Beach

Take a Stroll at the Beach

Being one of the finest ozone-rich beaches, Tharangambadi Beach is the perfect place for entertainment. Tharangambadi, which literally means “the land of swinging waves”, exposes its visitors to the sweet lullabies of the waves and the breathtaking views of the horizon. It poses as the perfect place for couples to go for leisurely strolls and spend intimate time together.

Nearby Place to Stay

Tharangambadi is one of the most popular places of attractions in Tamil Nadu. The quaint beach, its peaceful aura, and the historical tourist spots make Tharangambadi a very dynamic place to visit. The Bungalow on the Beach - 17th Century is one of the finest hotels in Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu. The epic architecture influenced by Danish artistry makes for a classy, yet relaxing stay. There are eight different categories of rooms with unique names that complement the travellers’ accommodating wishes.

So, embrace the historical significance of the land while taking shelter at one of the best luxury hotels in Tharangambadi!