Ketty Valley, The Second Largest Gorge in the World

The second-largest gorge after the Grand Canyon of the USA, Ketty Valley is known for its incredible waterfalls, cliffs, and lush greenery. The valley is over 7000 ft deep and is surrounded by high cliffs, stretching from the plains of Coimbatore to the Mysore Plateau.

It offers some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails. The valley is known for its beautiful cascading waterfalls that create an astounding backdrop for pictures. It has been a popular tourist destination for centuries and still draws visitors from all over the world. The landmark is also celebrated for its rich tea estates, which are now labelled as a protected heritage site.

View of Ketty Valley
Ketty Valley

Things to do at Ketty Valley

Ketti Valley is a beautiful location in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu, India. It is beautified by stunning sunsets and mountain views. The valley hosts several cafes and shops where tourists can unwind and eat while embracing the enthralling views of the horizon. Due to its calming nature and charming visuals, the valley is the ideal location to watch poetic sunsets and sunrises. You can take a leisurely walk through the valley’s forests and gardens, and embrace the greenery all around.

Wallwood Garden - 19th C, Coonoor  Coimbatore

Places That You Can Visit Near Ketty Valley

Roses in Rose Garden in Ooty

There are many places to visit near Ketti Valley and Coonoor, including the Rose Garden, Sim's Park, and Ooty lake.

Rose Garden is an exquisite landmark that homes about 2800 different species of roses available in varied shades, and 20000 other species of vibrant plants. It is known as one of the world's most extensive rose gardens and is just 9.7 km from Ooty.

Sim's Park is another excellent place to visit near Ketti Valley. It is a large park that preserves a range of different trees. You can experience a large amount of flora amid lush greenery which makes it a vantage point for photography. The park also possesses a lake where guests can try boating. It is situated 11 km from Ooty.

Another breathtaking location is Ooty Lake, the pride of the blue hills! Located deep inside the Nilgiri district, Ooty Lake offers a soothing escape from the mundane lifestyle. Travellers rent motorised boats, paddleboats, or rowboats when visiting the vicinity to experience the lake in its true essence! It is 13 km from Ooty.

An image of Sim's park with a lake in the centre and view points on either side - Wallwood Garden - 19th Century, Coonoor

Best Time To Visit Ketti Valley

An aerial view of the hotel with trees surrounding it and a tea plantation in the background - Wallwood Garden - 19th Century, Coonoor

The best time to visit the mesmerising Ketti Valley is between the months of October and March. The weather is considered to be pleasant that supports exploring without sweating! The clement weather is also ideal amongst those who wish to partake in activities like trekking or biking.