Local Food in South Goa: A Gastronomical Delight

Pristine beaches and a laidback vibe are what the mind conjures up when someone mentions South Goa. What better way to experience South Goa if not with the local cuisine of the area? Savour the best food South Goa has to offer with the help of this list filled with local delicacies.

Shark Ambotik


South Goa's affinity to the ocean is evident in its cuisine. Shark Ambot Tik is an amalgamation of sour and spicy flavours in a curry. The hidden gem is a preparation made with shark meat that is marinated in a sour tamarind paste before being cooked to perfection. Shark Ambotik is one of the many dishes that has a Portuguese influence. This dish is the perfect example of authentic Goan food in South Goa.

shark curry

Pork Vindaloo

If you are on the lookout for the best local food in South Goa, pork vindaloo is what you should be eating. The fiery red curry features well-marinated and tender pork infused with a creamy rich coconut base and a handful of chillies. This dish is famous worldwide as one of the spiciest dishes to ever exist. So if you wish to send your tastebuds on overdrive and truly test your spice tolerance, this is the best chance to do so.

Patoleo and Alle Masala 

The best South Goa food joints offer vegetarians an equal opportunity to try out the local cuisine. The heavenly steamed dumplings wrapped in turmeric leaves, with a fragrant stuffing of lentils and rice mixed with an array of spices, are a must-have. The locals often pair this dish with a spicy clam curry for a satisfying meal.

South Goa food
a person cutting in to a slice of cake


No feast is complete without the quintessential Bebinca. The star of every Goan feast is this rich caramelised layered cake. With every bite of this cake, you will get the taste of coconut milk, flour, and sugar that has been patiently stacked and then cooked to perfection.

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