Alwar City - Attractions

Neemrana Fort, a Neemrana Palace Hotel

Alwar, one of the oldest cities in India, is a popular tourist hotspot that has been the venue for many Bollywood movies. The Aravalli Hills with its deep valleys and dense forests, provides travellers with astounding views. With several majestic forts, splendid Havelis, nature reserves and astounding heritage hotels like the Tijara Fort Palace, a trip to Alwar guarantees to mesmerize you and has much to offer.

Alwar is a melting pot of exquisite architecture, natural marvels and socio-cultural elements tied together, making this city an absolute delight. Experience the creme de la creme of Alwar with a wonderful stay in the luxurious rooms of the dignified heritage resort, Tijara Fort Palace, and by visiting these exceptional attractions.

Alwar City Palace

Alwar City Palace, now turned into the District Collectorate, houses grand halls, government office chambers, elegant marble pavilions and lotus flower bases in the courtyard. The palace was built on the foothills of the Aravalli Range in 1793 by Raja Bakhtawar Singh and features Rajput and Islamic styles of architecture. The palace has also been transformed into a museum that has historic armour, furniture, manuscripts and more, on display.

Hill Fort Kesroli

Built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs in the 14th century, Hill Fort Kesroli is a beautiful towering fort that features turrets, ramparts and mind-blowing architecture. Through the centuries, it has been conquered by the Mughals, the Jats and finally the Rajputs. It has now been converted into the spectacular heritage hotel, Neemrana’s Hill Fort Kesroli.

Premises of Hotel Hill Fort Kesroli  in Alwar  Rajasthan
sunrise behind the mountains

Silliserh Lake

Silliserh is a shimmering lake surrounded by thick forests and hills, established in 1845 as a water source for the city of Alwar. There is a tourist bungalow right beside the lake that was originally constructed by Maharaja Vinay Singh as a hunting chalet for his Queen.

Sariska Wildlife Safari

Sariska Wildlife Safari is an adventurous activity that one can indulge in to be at one with nature. The dense green forests along with the hills and valleys make it a picturesque location where you can spot wildlife in their natural element. Sariska houses ruins of pavilions and temples, and the highly inaccessible Kankwadi Fort that hints at the past riches and glory.

Bala Quila Fort

Bala Quila is a renowned fort in Alwar, surrounded by thick forests and diverse floral and faunal eco-systems. There is a Bala Quila Safari route as well that provides its visitors with amazing views of the hills and forests, and the opportunity to spot wildlife, such as hyenas, leopards, sambhar deers and more.

Fateh Jung Gumbad

Fateh Jung Gumbad is an enormous tomb, housing a combination of domes and minarets and featuring gracefully intricate Hindu and Muslim architecture. Constructed using high-grade sandstone, it was dedicated to Fateh Jung, a minister of the Mughal Empire.

Garbhaji Waterfalls

Garbhaji Falls is a cascading beauty that attracts many foreign and local tourists with its breathtaking views. This alluring setting is a great spot for photographers and nature lovers to relax and gaze at the marvels of the natural ecosystem.

Explore the charming city of Alwar and revel in its beauty. Experience the subtle nuances that the city has to offer over its overarching extravagant beauty with a delightful stay at our hotel.

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