The Perfect Nainital Itinerary for 2 days

Nestled in Kumaon, Nainital stands as a picturesque destination for travel aficionados. This charming town is brimming with temples, serene lakes, churches, panoramic mountain viewpoints and bustling markets offering souvenirs for loved ones back home. Whether you're already in Nainital or planning a visit, having a well-thought-out itinerary can significantly enhance your experience. To assist you, we've put together a comprehensive Nainital itinerary for 2 days, ensuring you make the most of your time in this scenic wonder.

Nainital Lake

Day 1: Exploring Nainital Town

Morning: Visit to Nainital Zoo
You can start your day around 10 AM and visit Nainital Zoo. This wildlife haven hosts a diverse array of animals, including the Bengal tiger, sambar, Himalayan bear, Tibetan wolf and an assortment of fowls and pheasants. It's a great opportunity to capture memorable photos with your family. Do note that bringing a professional camera may incur an additional fee.

Afternoon: Visit Nainital Lake
In the afternoon, you can head to Nainital Lake. It is a picturesque body of water originally discovered by Mr. P. Barron, who subsequently established a European colony along its shores. As you approach the lake, you can notice several colonial-era structures. Boating is a popular activity here, offering a chance to gently cruise around the lake. The lake teems with aquatic life and you're welcome to feed the fish. With mountains encircling the waters, a boat ride on Nainital Lake is an experience not to be missed.

Evening: Visit Naina Devi Temple
Conclude your day with a visit to Naina Devi Temple, revered as one of the fifty-one Shakti Peethas in India. This sacred site is believed to be where Goddess Sati's eyes fell. Inside, you'll find three deities: Mata Kali to the left, Naina Devi at the centre and Lord Ganesha to the right. Attending the evening aarti at 7 PM is a spiritual experience, offering a peaceful transition to the rest of your evening's activities.

Mountains in Nainital Image

Day 2: Navigating the Mountains

Morning: Visit to Naina Peak
Naina Peak, also known as China Peak, is renowned for its stunning panoramic views of the valley and the city of Nainital below. You can begin your journey at 7 AM to embark on a trek to the summit. It typically takes about an hour and a half to reach the top. Upon arrival, seize the opportunity to capture incredible photos from the viewpoint. The path to the peak winds through dense forests, so wearing suitable footwear for comfort and safety is essential.

Afternoon: Visit to Himalaya Darshan Point
On your return from Naina Peak, you can consider stopping at another scenic spot. Himalaya Darshan Point is celebrated for its spectacular views of the Himalayan mountains. In addition to the majestic mountains, you'll also be treated to the sight of the lush green valley below. You can either trek to this location or opt for a horseback ride and enjoy the scenery.

Evening: Visit St. John in the Wilderness Church and Mall Road
Nestled amidst a forest, St. John in the Wilderness church stands out for its colonial-style architecture. Capture some splendid photos with the church's impressive crosses and walls. Aim to visit this church before 6 PM, as it closes at 6:30 PM. Afterwards, make your way back to the city and conclude your day with a shopping spree at the renowned Mall Road. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up souvenirs for your family back home.

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