Fun Activities in Nainital for a Memorable Vacation

Nestled between the Kumaon Hills, Nainital is a picturesque hill station situated around the Naini Lake. From the crisp cold air to gorgeous views of snow-capped mountains Nainital for a long time has remained a must-visit tourist destination in India. Here is a list of activities to embark on when you are in Nainital.



When travelling to the Himalayas it goes without saying that there are bound to several options to choose from for the avid trekkers. Nainital is a hub for such treks and offers several routes for all levels. The trek to the highest peak in Nainital, the Naina Peak takes only about 4 to 5 hours to complete the trek. Some of the other moderate-difficult trekking routes include the Cheena Peak trek and Snow View Point. Both of these routes go through the dense Himalayan Forests offering panoramic views. If you are a beginner and would like to set off on an easier path do check out the trek to the Tiffin Top Trek with views of the lake. This is the best option for those visiting Nainital with their family. 

A group of people on a trek surrounded by snow capped mountains
A person participating in a rock climbing activity

Rock Climbing 

For those seeking adventure activities in Nainital does the thought of going rock climbing pique your interest? Several companies in Nainital offer rock climbing since the geography of the hill station is perfect for this adventure sport. Alternatively, you can also opt for adventure camps that will ensure a perfect blend of sports activities in Nainital for you. 



Paragliding is a popular choice for an activity in Nainital for the bird's eye view of the locale is stunning. Paragliding in Nainital is conducted from Cheena Peak and Snow View Point and now that you know about the whereabouts of the activities do not wait any further, go on to feel the cold Himalayan air blow past your face while you glide high above in the sky. 


A person paragliding through serene mountains
bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping 

We have listed options for climbing up rocks and mountains but care to jump off of one? Bungee jumping is a popular adventure in the hill stations of Uttarakhand and Nainital offers this exciting opportunity to the adrenaline seekers. 

River Rafting 

River rafting in Nainital is conducted in the Kosi, Ramganga and Ramnagar rivers. These contain options for beginners and those with prior experience. Navigate the rapids as you splash across the rushing river under the guidance of the experts. At the end of your river rafting experience, you will come out feeling like you have stronger arms and the feeling that anything can be conquered.

A group of friends enjoying river rafting
A person enjoying a zip line activity


Zoom across breathtaking views of Nainital's town and lake at Bara Patthar a popular spot where you can tick off ziplining from your bucket list. This activity takes around 30 minutes to conclude and is ensured to be your favourite activity in Uttarakhand. With two lines of varying distance to choose from it is one of the perfect adventure activities in Nainital. 

If Nainital is your next destination then The Ramgarh Bungalows - 19th Century, above Nainital is the perfect stay. The rooms in the colonial-style bungalows offer breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. This property is the perfect place to flee from the crowds after a day filled with adventure. Explore the fruit orchard or simply lounge around admiring the snow during winter at this restored historical property.