Rooms at Tijara Fort-Palace - Alwar

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Rani Mahal

The Rani Mahal rooms are our Rajasthan hotel rooms, which are built around a tropical garden court embellished with wide arches on all four sides. Although the maharanis were meant to be screened from external views, these hotel rooms Alwar, have now been pierced with windows and balconies to provide breathtaking views. while the central rooms are divided by arches, the corner rooms run into octagonal turrets with tiny windows. The terrace of Rani Mahal offers memorable countryside panoramas.

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Mardana Mahal

The Mardana rooms at Tijara Fort-Palace, Alwar, are built around a spacious garden court ringed on three sides by spectacular arcade & halls. These had never been completed and large rocks had to be hand-chiselled to create linear living spaces. The thick walls were pierced to make balconies with views of the bio kitchen gardens and the countryside. Each room has two or three square rooms linked with wide arches and the facilities are discreetly tucked within. Some garden rooms are at two levels. Book your stay at our Rajasthan hotel rooms.

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Deewar Mahal

The solid, wide ramparts which would have protected the Mardana Mahal palaces in times of war, now form the base of a series of Deewar Mahal and Tope Mahal rooms from the rooftops of which the canons would have been fired. These rooms look out towards the gardens and the pool and are conveniently located between both the grand palace complexes. For those who do not want to walk much , these lie close to the Kaanch Mahal dining area.

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Tope Mahal

The Tope Mahal rooms, one of the Tijara Fort Palace Alwar rooms, lay where cannons were once intended to pound the enemy through holes in the thick ramparts. This beautiful and history reminiscing palace is an ideal place to stay at heritage hotels. Book your stay at our rooms in Tijara.

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Khajur Mahal

The Khajur Mahal at Tijara Fort-Palace, Alwar, is accessed from the camel pergola facing the Kaanch Mahal. It houses three very private and spacious rooms. For those looking for a meditative spaces or for a group of friends who want to celebrate, book your stay at our hotel rooms in Alwar.


  • A 24 hour front desk.
  • Daily housekeeping is included in the room rate.
  • There is a private bathroom for each unit.
  • Common hospitality practices like televisions in rooms and room service are avoided. This is part of the heritage USP.
  • There is no minimum stay requirement.
  • Rooms, when available, can be given for day use from 9 am to 5 pm, at 60% of the normal room charge.
  • An extra bed can be arranged if space permits @ Rs. 2000/- per adult

Don't Forget!

  • Your walking shoes, and hats.

Food and Beverage

  • Breakfast is included in the room tariff. Fixed menus are offered at per head rates: Lunch Rs. 1500/- and Dinner Rs. 1700/-. taxes extra
  • Mandatory buffet for guests on Friday and Saturday.
  • We have a Mandatory Gala Dinner for Christmas Eve, 24th December @ Rs. 3500/- (for adult) and Rs. 1750/- (for child till 10 year). inclusive of taxes
  • We have a Mandatory Gala Dinner for New Year's Eve, 31st December @ Rs. 5000/- (for adult) and Rs. 2500/- (for child till 10 year). inclusive of taxes
  • We have a Mandatory Gala Dinner for Saturdays (October to March) @ Rs. 2400/- . (inclusive of taxes)
  • Bar facilities is available, personal liquor is not allowed. 
  • Area blocking charges for lunch/dinner between Rs. 50,000/- and Rs. 1,50,000/- depend on the strength of the group. taxes extra


  • Non-resident guests without prior lunch bookings, are not allowed entry, even if the Fort is not fully chartered.
  • Weekdaylunch rate (Mon-Fri) is Rs. 1700/- & Weekend (Sat-Sun) lunch rate is Rs. 2000/-  between 12 noon to 2.30 pm (inclusive of taxes). This Includes entry and buffet lunch for one person or will be 100% adjustable against the room tariff. Non-resident guests are permitted for 2 hours only and requested not to enter areas marked for resident guests and to honour the peace of this place. Entry for non-resident guests will close at 2.30 pm. Lunch service ends at 2.00 pm. 
  • No refund will be allowed in case of no show of a lunch booking , unless informed in writing , 24 hours prior.
  • Uses of swimming pool is not allowed for non-resident guests.
  • The rights of admission are strictly reserved!

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