Bina Mahal

Khajur Mahal is conveniently located on the northern periphery of the Fort-Palace with splendid views of the hills and countryside beyond. One floor below this lies Bina Mahal which leads on from a wide corridor, further opening out on a most-amazing private verandah-lounge. Here antique wooden arches frame the eternal palm-oasis and greenfields.

Bina Mahal is a large, high-ceiling room cut into the hill by the base of a large old turret, its ventilators catching light above the forest trees. It is dedicated to a fascinating creative person Bina Ramani, who turns what she touches into the magic of art. It has two double beds which makes it an ideal choice for a family of three or three close friends. The bathroom, cut into the 2 billion year old Aravalli hills is also a unique experience.