A Day at Tijara

"I had a pleasant stay at Tijara Fort-Palace. Ambled in wide open spaces, breathed the incredible mountain air, enjoyed outdoor activities, I truly retuned well-nourished & well-rested. Thank you for hosting me"

- Heena Bajaj

Digital Detox

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No, we don't lock away your phones or deprive you of wifi but we do stomp on your idea of watching television in your room, tucked in bed and waiting for room service. We encourage you to go for long walks around the fort, spend cosy time with your accompaniments without the worry of gussying up for meal times. There are plenty of games: Carom board, Badminton & Darts at your disposal. Enjoy high-tea in a traditional format, savouring the freshly fried Pakodas and potato fingers, while watching the warm sunset colours spread across the sky reaching the Sarson (mustard) surrounds.

Service is warm and hospitable, but not at all intrusive. If you’re keen on knowing more about the fort and surroundings, the staff is happy to oblige with stories and information. If you want to bide your time flitting between the fort's nooks and crannies with a book or sit at night gazing up at the crystal-clear skies, you have your way!

Farm to Fork

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Locally grown, locally sourced, wholesome and delicious. Low on diet dogma, focussing more on provenance and nutrition. The Buffet is lavish with a gamut of Rajasthani favourites and Mughal delicacies, leaving you spoilt for choice. Be ready for a yule-hole situation!

Art appreciation

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The rooms at the palace have been furnished by India's leading painters, designers and also named after them. The interiors have been done up tastefully offering a real treat to the aesthetically inclined people.

Special Performances

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The Hotel does every bit to make you immerse in heritage living and Rajasthani culture. There's a special performance just before dinner. Don't confuse it for trite folk dance and skip it. The performance is a mini India's got talent show in itself.

Swimming Pool

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Tijara has one of the most stunning pools one can imagine in the vicinity of Delhi. 100 feet of water are sunk on the sloop of a hill so that swimmers are not affected by hot or cold winds. The countryside is glasses behind large windows that swivel open from the middle. Three banana fronds in a strip of green grass make sunbathing a pleasure. There are wide shaded decks on all the four sides of the water to choose how much sun or shade one may require.

Play Area

A Day at Tijara Fort play area_ Tijara Fort Palace_ Palace Hotel In Rajasthan

The children’s play area lies between the Hawa and Kaanch Mahal on a long garden with no restrictions for the children to run and play.