Dining at Tijara Fort-Palace - Alwar

Dinner by the elephant stairway_ Hotel Tijara Fort Palace Alwar Rajasthan_Hotel In Rajasthan 2
Dinner by the elephant stairway_ Hotel Tijara Fort Palace Alwar Rajasthan_Hotel In Rajasthan 1

At our Tijara Fort-Palace, a resort in Alwar, add a pinch of deliciousness in your staying experience. Dine at our renowned Restaurant in Alwar, with fresh buffets and more. Our in-house experiences are offered at different venues. Guests can also enjoy fort dining near Delhi where scrumptious meals are served under the blissful sky. The elegant decorations, illumination and a stunning view of the palaces make Tijara Fort-Palace a perfect place for a romantic date with your loved one. Or relish a joyful dinner with your happy family

Palm tree in a restauarnt
Rooftop venue

Farm to Table at Tijara Fort Palace

We at Neemrana hotels have taken yet another step towards the well being of our guests. Not just growing the standard affair of organic lettuce and herbs, we have now set up our own chicken coop at the gardens of Tijara. Providing you with free range organic eggs for breakfast, prepared as per your preference. Just the perfect way to kick start your day !
These free range organic eggs have been proven to have the following benefits over conventional eggs:
1. 3 times more omega 3 fatty acids over conventional eggs. Helps regulate blood pressure and reduces the risks of heart attack and reduces plaque build up in the arteries. A must for over all healthy heart.
2. 40% more vitamin A as compared to conventional eggs. Not only is it vital for a healthy vision but also has been proven to boost the immune system and helps in basic organs functioning.
3. Twice as much Vitamin E over conventional eggs. It's a powerful antioxidant and also your skins natural defence mechanism against harmful UV rays.
4. Free from any antibiotics and harmonal steroids. Providing you a more balanced macronutrient dense high protein meal.

P. S. Also the chickens are happier here, taking in the picturesque beauty of the Fort !

The Marigold Bar

Sofas in a hall
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The Marigold Bar is at the heart of the Mardana-Zenana-Hawa Mahal, amidst the hanging gardens. Created by master craftsperson’s from Srinagar, Jaipur, Bikaner and Jodhpur, it evokes India’s saffron flower of celebrations and all auspicious occasions. Housed in the Kaanch Mahal, it has views of frangipanis, bougainvillea and palms with the Aravallis in the distance. Raise an innocent toast with a Gainda Cool, Nagina Bam Bam or shots of Vodka and Tequila !