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Watch this space for the latest news about Tijara Fort-Palace, Alwar, one of the finest heritage hotel in Rajasthan.

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Post this gap of quarantine and confinement, the pleasures of travel and of spending valuable time with our friends and family will never be taken for granted again. From contact-less check-in systems, disinfecting vehicles of guests or hotels offering their own pick-and-drop service and access to personal protective equipment, to social distancing and service of food, all have been thought through and training is in place.

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If you have been craving a break, but were afraid to venture out, we have good news for you. Post-COVID-19, hospitality and travel options have evolved that you can actually explore: contactless check-ins, disinfected vehicles, access to personal protective equipment, social distancing and healthy food.

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FORT TIJARA: A Heritage Art Gallery with a Modern Twist by Neha Kirpal

The latest property of the Neemrana group, the Tijara Fort Palace was bought by the group in 2003. Built in the Rajputana Afghanistan style of architecture, it was extensively restored for a period of 13 years after which it finally opened its doors to guests in 2016.

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The distinct attribute of Tijara fort palace is that a very thin line exists between old remains and new construction. It is enigmatic as we try to find what is original and what has been added. The hotel property is extremely beautiful and more we discover its intriguing facets, the more interesting it gets.

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Rajasthan is one rich land of culture, where Tijara of Neemrana group is the latest magic art space - each room dedicated, nay, painted by an artist such as Anjali Ela Menon or designed and named after a designer like Laila Tyabji, Ritu Kumar, Abraham & Thakore.

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Built in the 19th Century by Maharaja Balwant Singh, Tijara has been resinstituted and restored by Neemrana as a boutique hotel in Alwar. The suites are named after India's leading painters, designers, artists and aesthetes who have lent their help and efforts to build them. This historic heritage boutique hotel is an unfinished marvel of three structures, built in the Rajput-Afghan style with early colonial influences.

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The reinvented Tijara Fort-Palace as an elegantly decorated hotel retains the authenticity of the princely residence with the addition of the necessary modifications and amenities.

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Pass within its walls and the Tijara Fort Palace manages to be both intimate and majestic – a fairy tale cluster of courtyards,colonnadedverandas, terraces, scalloped arches, pergolas, turrets, and balconies.

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These 19th-century ruins remained in disrepair for over a hundred years, today a nearby high-end weekend getaway from the torrent of New Delhi. The conversion of Tijara Fort from a deserted palace into a luxury destination has been nothing short of spectacular.

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