Rani Mahal

Lekha Mahal Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan
Lekha Mahal 1 Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan

This is one of the two exclusive rooms in the 9th wing. Takes one to this white marble haven with accents of red. Its glass wall has a panoramic view of the whole southern façade of the Fort-Palace which unfolds through a motorised curtain! Guests can enjoy the Saat Baag gardens in private and then take another lift to the dining and other public areas. 
It is recommended that the Lekha and Rani Mahals be booked together as they are also internally linked through a narrow sliding door.


  • No. of beds - 1 Double
  • Level - 6

  • Panoramic view of the palace