BHARATANATYAM: Manasvini Ramachandran from Hyderabad (AMK)
On Saturday, November 2, 2019

Manasvini Korukkai Ramachandran is trained in Bharatanatyam under her mother and Guru Smt. Revathi Ramachandran for over 22 years. Having many titles to her credit including the “Balasraswathy Award” from the Krishna Gana Sabha, and “Natya Chudar” from Kartik Fine arts, she pursues the art with zeal.
She has traveled to the United States, France, Germany, Singapore, Armenia and Australia with dance troupes. She has been graded “B” by the Door Dharshan Kendra.

KATHAK : Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan's 'Asavari' Troupe, Delhi
On Saturday, November 9, 2019

Guru Shovana Narayan needs no introduction. A Kathak maestro and an outstanding dancer, she is an incarnation of the great artistic and social traditions of India. She created a new and innovative style of performing arts by enriching it with a deeper and wider canvas of expression and dimensions. She has been awarded the Padmashri in 1992 and the Sangeet Natak Academy Awards in 1999. Among others, she also received the Oisca Award in Japan.
Trained by legendary Kathak maestros Pandit Birju Maharaj and Kundanlal Gangani at Kathak Kendra, Delhi, Shovana Narayan is famous for her strong urge for experimentation. She has captivated audiences worldwide for over four decades. A trendsetter in redefining dance, she is considered a living legend in the field of art. She also has the unique distinction of being the first-ever professional dancer who combines a full-fledged career as a senior serving civil servant in the Government of India with her dance.
The author of about ten books on the subject of dance, Shovana Narayan organizes two festivals for providing a platform to young, unknown and talented fresh faces in the field. She is a pioneer in the field of rejuvenation of the soliloquy tradition, the narrative tradition of the North-Indian dance form in “Shakuntala.
An ode to the power of feminity :
Nriti (technical aspects of Kathak)
Abhinaya (the dramatics of storytelling)
These will display the different rasas (emotions) beautifully woven by different talas.

Bharatanatyam - Anil V. Iyer, Bangalore
On Saturday, November 16,2019

A student of Guru Smt. Poornima Gururajan, Anil is a graded artist of Doordarshan.
He has received training in Carnatic vocals and is also keenly interested in theatre.
He has acted in a number of acclaimed plays at prestigious festivals.

Anil has presented solo and group performances at various state and international festivals. As part of the Prasiddha repertory, he toured China and performed at a festival organized by UNESCO and the Govt. of. China.  His passion for teaching led him to open the Shivoham School of Performing Arts where he trains young and aspiring dancers.

Anil is also a counseling psychologist. He is often invited to give lectures and conduct workshops on mental health-related topics and is working towards creating better mental health awareness in society.  He is the recipient of many awards for his outstanding dance performances.

BHARATANATYAM : Bianca Radhakrishna from Bangalore (AMK)
On Saturday, November 23, 2019

Bianca Radhakrishna is a Vidushi, a lifelong learner and student of Bharatanatyam under the guidance of renowned Guru Radha Sridhar, from Bangalore. She is a Doordarshan Graded Artist and has nearly a hundred shows to her credit. Playing roles in her Guru’s dance-dramas has groomed her to be a dedicated dancer. She has performed widely both in India and abroad.

KATHAK: Rani Khanam & Troupe from New Delhi
On Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rani Khanam, one of India’s foremost Kathak exponents, is one of the most sensitive and astute interpreters of the Lucknow Gharana of Kathak today. Inspired by her intimate knowledge of Islamic and Sufi texts, she has a deep vision to perform on a unique repertoire of Sufiana poetry & Islamic verses, which has received rich reviews and popularity.
She is an impaneled artist in the “Outstanding Category” of the Indian Council for Culture Relations (ICCR) and “Top Graded” artiste at the Delhi Doordarshan channel. She has performed and collaborated widely with many international artists.

On Saturday, December 14, 2019

On Saturday, December 21, 2019

Aditi Mangaldas, a leading dancer and choreographer, received extensive training under the leading gurus of Kathak, Shrimati Kumudini Lakhia and Pandit Birju Maharaj, Recognised for her artistry, technique, eloquence and characteristic energy, she has won much critical acclaim in major dance festivals across the world. As quoted by the Guardian, London, 2017, “Mangaldas owned the stage without trying to earn it……”

The Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company – The Drishtikon Dance Foundation has been established with a vision to look at tradition with a modern mind, to explore the past to create a new, imaginative future. They will present SAMVET, the confluence of the five elements of nature which coalesce in complete harmony to form the perfect whole. This balanced coming together awakens our senses and brings a perfect equilibrium which invokes in our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls the feeling of everlasting bliss.

On Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Sebastian comes from Goa, a land of fun, frolic and musical culture and Manish is from Delhi. Together they have been singing at various 5-star hotels, house parties, private gatherings, and weddings. The duo is known for their mesmerizing voices and getting their audiences completely spellbound by their performances. Their repertoire consists of all the popular hits in English and Hindi.

On Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Reuben Israel and his group have a wide vocal repertoire: classical, opera, jazz, the blues, broadway and popular. His repertoire is predominantly in English. It also includes songs in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew. Celebrate the joy of Christmas by joining the group in singing carols all day long.

KATHAK: Tushar & Pooja Bhatt from Delhi
On Saturday, December 28, 2019

Pooja Bhatt and Tushar Bhatt are highly acclaimed as a Kathak Dance Duo. They balance traditional art with contemporary designs and are known for their creative and energetic choreographies and performances.
They are the founders and directors of “Kathaakar” dance company and institution, where they have been imparting their knowledge to many students from all over the world. They are the recipients of prestigious national awards
and have received worldwide acclaim for their spectacular performances.

On Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Neha Muthiyan

On Saturday, October 19, 2019

Neha Muthiyan is a disciple of Guru Shambhavi Dandekar. An M.A. and a Nrityaalankar in Kathak, she is the recipient of many prestigious awards which include the Kanak Bhushan by Brahmnaad Academy, Mumbai, and the Yuva Kalakar Puraskar, Pt.Bhimsen Joshi Foundation, Gadag, Karnataka.
She has performed widely in dance festivals and is highly acclaimed for her choreographic skills. She is also a graduate in interior design.
A graded artiste of Mumbai Doordarshan, Neha is the founder and director of Kathak Pathshala, a dance academy that focuses on the authenticity of the form along with the overall personality development of students. She has also started a successful dance magazine called Loud Applause with a wide readership in a span of just five years.

Performance Details:
Shiva Dhrupad
Taal presentation- Speciality of Kathak Nayika
Gatbhav- Draupadi Vastraharan


On Saturday, October 12, 2019

Durgesh Gangani’s training in Kathak began at the age of 4. He is the son of Dr. Pt. Jagdish Gangani, an exponent of the Jaipur Gharana and the grandson of legendary Kathak Guru Pt. Sundarlal Gangani.
He has performed in the presence of the legendary Kathak Maestro Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj and shared the stage with legendary artists like Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy award winner), Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, among others.
He has taken part in many prestigious music and dance festivals both in India and overseas.
While pursuing his Ph.D., he is also currently working as a temporary teaching assistant at the faculty of Performing Arts, the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. He was recently invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to perform alongside 30 other renowned artists from all over the country.

1. Shiva Strota – a traditional Kathak piece from the Jaipur Gharana
2. Another traditional piece
3. Tarana

Names of Musicians :
Vocals and Harmonium - Sandeep Gangani
Tabla - Dwij Gandharva

Durgesh Gangani -12October 1

KUCHIPUDI: Meenu Thakur and Troupe

Meenu Thakur 3 1

KUCHIPUDI: Meenu Thakur and Troupe, Delhi On Saturday,October 5, 2019

Meenu Thakur is a leading exponent of Kuchipudi dance trained by renowned guru Smt. Swapnasundari, Natyacharya Pasumurthy Sitaramaiya, and Padmashri Jayaraman Rao and Vanashree Rao.

Meenu’s style represents a combination of the feature of ‘Purusha Sampradaya’ (original male dance tradition) of Kuchipudi and its ‘Anuroopa’ (transformation of the male dance style into female interpretation). Abhinaya and technique are the hallmarks of her style.

Meenu has performed widely in prestigious dance festivals both in India and abroad and received the highest critical acclaim.

Performance Details :
1. Ganesha Vandana
2. Graha Katha (storied from planet mythology) 3. Mahishasurmardani (the saga of Durga) 4. Tarangam (traditional Kuchipudi) 5. Thillana (a pure dance piece in Kudhipudi)