Testimonials: Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace


"I would like to share that during my stay to Neemrana palace, I got sudden pain in my chest and I was unable to take a proper breath at midnight. My companion called the front desk and immediately they took me to the nearest hospital on their feet and admitted me with their best. They all supported me at my horrible time and stayed with me in hospital. The staff of Neemrana Palace took special care of me and shifted me to he big and best room without any charges so that I can take proper rest without any interfering. I seriously thankful to all staff of Neemrana palace and express my heartfelt gratitude to all members. They treated me as a family member during my hospitalization even when my own family members were not there. Thanks to Neemrana!"

- Ritika D


Queen Elizabeth’s niece, Princess Sarah Armstrong-Jones, on her honeymoon: "Simplicity and style are so difficult to achieve together… Neemrana is the most beautiful place we’ve stayed anywhere in the world."


Kate Winslet, after the Titanic: "The Chandra Mahal is my favourite room in the whole world. I’ll be back soon."  Two months later she did return!"


"This property transports you to a different time and era. The food is marvellous, the rooms are spectacular, the ambience is rejuvenating and the staff is extremely friendly and cooperative. This is a very environment-friendly establishment and they do not have room service. No TVs to bother you or disrupt your calm. Sans the idiot box, you can shill in your room, go for a long walk, spend time on their numerous picturesque nooks and terraces and just wash away all your worries. We had gone there for our company retreat and there couldn't have been a better pick. All of us got unique rooms and we noticed our childlike curiosities brought back to life away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world. They have a beautiful hall that we rented out for our sessions and the open lawns gave us space to work and bond together through team building exercises. We stayed for four days and that still seemed like a very short time. My advice to fellow travellers - bring your comfortable walking shoes; take a long weekend to come here; do visit their spa and treat your sweet tooth on the wonderful homemade jams (served as a part of the breakfast buffet). PRO TIP - Try their laal maas, moong daal ka cheela, mango mousse and of course the daal baati churma."

- Priyanka Jha, Country Head, Evidence Action


"We were looking for an exclusive dinner venue for a group. It was a fantastic experience.Coach does not have an approach to hotel's main entrance, although it is 5 minutes walk. we called hotel manager Mr Siddhartha Sharma. We were amazed to see hotel's staff was waiting for us on the main road. The ambience was a good and lavish buffet. things were timely organized. We were impressed by all the hotel's staff, the view of the sunset was awesome. It was a truly unforgettable experience of Neemrana Fort, a place to recommend for day outing as well as night stay for a Royal feel."

 - Ranjan Jain, GM, Top Travels


"It is one of the best heritage hotels I have stayed in."

- Lady N K Naipaul

"One of those profound experiences... a yardstick with which to measure other retreats/hotels."

- Anita Rau Badami, author, Montreal

"You have created frames that change at the end of every corridor and unexpected opening. But this space is created by a poet like Aman, an aesthete like Francis."

- Imtiaz Dharker, poet & painter

"The oldest among the palace hotels and the closest to Delhi, Neemrana provides an evocative experience extending beyond the physical structure… providing in a real sense a brush with history… it has a mesmeric appeal, a haunting, romantic ambience."

- Destination Traveller, New Delhi

"Our stay at Neemrana Fort-Palace was one of the highlights of our trip for me. What you’ve done there is astounding. Two years ago we visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I thought it was one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen, but it was empty. At Neemrana it’s as if you brought the Alhambra to life. It was a truly extraordinary experience."

- Christine Worth Vergara, Los Angeles

"I am not given to gushing usually, but since we walked into the fort, I have been gushing, and in superlatives. The gardens are glorious, the lighting superb, the staff welcoming without being intrusive. I think the words we have used most frequently while in the fort, and when talking about it since, have been ‘magical’, ‘fairy-tale setting’, and ‘perfect’."

- Ritu Chaudhry, Khushii

"Neemrana is, in my humble opinion, the “Fort of all Forts”, as I do believe that there isn’t and cannot be another like it."

- Kanwar Ratanjit Singh of Kapurthala

"The two days which followed at Neemrana were moments of marvelling : discovering hanging gardens, flowers, our room, the gift on the bed, the bathroom hollowed out in the rock, the songs of unknown birds in the morning, a monkey coming to trouble us on our second night, the labyrinth of the hotel, the basin encircled by fresh flowers and illumination at night..."

- Muriel Kurt