Living it up at a 14th-Century Fort

Neemrana’s Hill Fort Kesroli is one of the oldest heritage properties in India, where one can enjoy a lavish stay. Known for its turrets, ramparts and arched verandas, the fort boasts magnificent architecture and has changed hands several times. It has been conquered by the Mughals, the Jats, and the Rajputs, and the abundant history looms in the air.

The origins however, can be traced back to over seven centuries, when it was built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs who claimed to be descendants of Lord Krishna. Later on, they converted to Islam around the middle of the 14th century and came to be known asKhanzadas. It was reclaimed by the Rajputs in 1775 before they founded the princely state of Alwar.

Perched upon rare and dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, the fort boasts astounding panoramic views of the surrounding greenery. Neemrana has made all efforts to maintain the old charm of Hill Fort Kesroli while providing modern-day comforts so that you can lavishly live it up at a 14th-century fort.

Hill Fort Kesroli 14th Century Alwar - drone shot of the property
An aerial view of the facade and premises of the resort - Hill Fort-Kesroli

The restoration of the fort began in 1995 by the Neemrana Group and was opened to the public as a heritage resort in 1998. The classy furnishings, warm lighting, high walls, intricate detailing, and sheer spaciousness makes it an extravagant stay option without any compromises.

Guests can unwind on the massive balconies or private terraces and gaze at the splendorous surroundings in complete privacy, kick back and relax by the pool in the courtyard, jump in it for a refreshing dip, check out our fully equipped game room, indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment, or just stroll around to admire the regal elegance of the fort during their luxurious stay.

A trip to Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli is much appreciated by foodies. Guests can gorge on a wide range of scrumptious North Indian, Continental, French, Italian, South Indian, Thai and Oriental dishes at the resort. Your food is prepared by expert chefs renowned for their palate and served to you by professional staff who will cater to all your culinary desires. Guests can choose to eat the mouth-watering delicacies we serve in the restaurant, the gardens or even on the deck, by the pool for unparalleled uninterrupted views.

The staggering beauty of the location and the fort is almost inconceivable right up until you pull up to our premises when a wave of grand and dignified decor immerses you in opulence. Guests have been so taken aback by the picturesque views and grandiose styling, that our property has become a much sought after wedding destination. Spend your momentous day at a location that can capture the importance of the hour, exceptionally well.