Attractions Near Hill Fort-Kesroli - Alwar

Located in the heart of the ‘golden triangle’. Kesroli is almost equidistant from the tourist cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It makes an ideal base to visit the Sariska tiger sanctuary, Kankwadi fort, Neelkanth Temples, Pandupol , the Fort–Palace and monuments of Tijara, Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Bhangarh-Ajabgarh, the hot springs in Talvriksh, Rajgarh, Machari, Viratnagar, Deeg, the sanctuary in Bharatpur, the Jat mud fort of Govindgarh, the ancient city of Mathura and its renowned museum.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous carnivores including leopards, jungle cats, hyenas, jackals, and tigers. These feed on an abundance of prey species such as Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Chausingha, Wild Boar and Langur.

Sariska is also well known for its large population of the black-faced Rhesus Monkeys with large tails, which are found in large numbers around Talvriksh.

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The avian world is also well represented with a rich and varied birdlife. These include Peafowl, Grey Partridge, Bush Quail, Sand Grouse, Tree Pie, Golden Backed Wood Pecker, Crested Serpent Eagle and the Great Indian Horned Owl. Sariska is 55 kilometres from Tijara Fort-Palace and is a must visit for all wildlife lovers!

Jaisamand Lake

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Jaisamand Lake is located near Alwar & is one of the popular picnic spots. The lake presents an embankment of 1.5 kilometers for nice promenades. These banks also house shaded pavilions and lovely towers. These monuments are erected on lotus shaped bases with a height of 7 feet. It is believed that this lake was constructed to arrest the soak of waters from Ruparel River and is acclaimed as the second largest artificial lake in Asia. A large island in the middle of the lake, with verdant grasslands, presents an eye-catching spectacle to all the visitors.

This large artificial lake was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1910 AD. It is an excellent picnic spot, especially during the rainy season when the entire countryside turns lush green. A recently built Sunset Point is a perfect place for a panoramic view of the lake particularly in the evening. 
During the monsoon the surrounding  greenery makes it a visual treat. This place is easily accessible by road from Alwar. Jai Samand Lake is ideal for water sports. It makes a great angling site.

Neelkanth Temples

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Neelkanth temples are situated in close proximity to Sariska National Park.

Constructed between the 6th and the 9th century by Maharajadhiraja Mathanadeva, this temple is visited by numerous tourists and local residents. The temple is known for its erotic sculptures and has a vibe similar to the Khajuraho temples.

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Hill Fort Kesroli - Alwar Kesroli Pol at Pandupol

Attributing to its mythological significance, Pandupole is a renowned tourist spot situated in Alwar, near Sariska National Park.

A 35 feet waterfall and a sacred Hanuman temple are nestled on the way to Pandupole. The area is also home to various kind of flora and fauna including langurs, spurfowl, and more.

Kankwadi Fort

Cushioned in the middle of Sariska National Park, this fort was built in the seventeenth century during the famine.

The fort is open from October to July end. The tourists are free to rent a jeep from the Forest Office and proceed on a jeep safari to visit the Kankwadi Fort in Alwar.

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