Testimonials: Hill Fort Kesroli - Alwar

Fabulous getaway!
"What an amazing place to chill. We went to this place on a weekday and it was almost empty. The room was exceptionally clean and the service was top notch. The guys made sure that we enjoy all the meals and in fact the meals were all nicely cooked and gave a lovely homemade feeling."

"I visited the beautiful Fort Kesroli some time ago, and it was truly amazing. The fort was beautiful, the staff were extremely welcoming, the food was great and the performances were much enjoyed. Thanking you for a wonderful experience"

-Sanjana Agrawal

"Like walking to a glorious sunrise with panoramic views of mist-shrouded plains.....Past flowering fields of mustard seed.... The Thakur distilled our Hill Fort and Neemrana experiences into one defining thought of ‘dwellling in the past’. We did just that, thankfully bypassing the local museums and lengthy ticket queues by opting for a historic sleepover instead."

- Peta Bassett in Holiday Asia

"Heavenly place, all peace and serenity seems to be trapped inside the Fort. Impeccable service, a sensitive and enquiring staff, gorgeous food, all teamed up to make our experience at Kesroli memorable. The old and its romance has been well preserved, whenever one wants to get into the time machine and be transported back to the charm of the ‘good old days’, Neemrana seems to be the most convenient and luxurious route, to fulfil this desire. The careful and delightful symmetry of tradition and modernity decimates the rudimentary thinking of the two being antagonistic towards each other. The sparrows, squirrels, parrots and a benign wild-life adds to the beauty and quiet glory of the place. Leave your world, let go and blend and become one with the ambience of Neemrana. Hope to come back soon and savour the charming stability of the place. We are all praises for Mr. Narayan. He is managing the place really well."

Priyadarshini Bhattacharya

"First experience with one of Neemrana's "non-hotel Hotels". Fabulous setting, efficient and generous hospitality, this is a place to enjoy a few days of good rest after exploring the surroundings. Accommodations are first class, service impeccable, food excellent. We were 5 Canadian friends on our first exploration of Northern India and our stay at Hill Fort Kesroli will remain one our most memorable experience. Thank you again to all the friendly and efficient staff ."

- Francois, Danuta Montandon and friends

"Beautiful hotel very nicely restored, the rooms are clean and very nice, very good restaurant and a charming and efficient staff...
The best of all hotels during our journey in Rajasthan."

- Fidjietemmy

"I travelled the Hill Fort Kesroli with my wife and 6 other friends, some of them from Germany. We had the most amazing experience at the hotel. First, it is a 14th century fort, that is alive... you can actually sit on the gun turrets and view the sunrise along with the flowers blooming and farmers going about their business. Second, the rooms have been restored to their quaint royal grandeur, without imposing neo-modern excesses. It is so peaceful yet exciting.  The food was great. The staff helped us rent bicycles and a camel cart to have a sunset picnic. There is an ancient temple deep inside that we visited. On the way there was a beautiful water tank (bauli) which made an interesting excursion and photo opportunity. Would certainly recommend it for anyone wanting a royal romantic getaway or simply be at peace! "

- Aditya Mishra

"As we entered the fort we were greeted by lifting Rajasthani folk songs in the central garden where all the guests had assembled over drinks... and the beautiful fort lay around subtly decked in soft lights - made our spirits rise even before the alcohol. The food matched the ambience and our room "Tota mahal" (the parrot palace) was a cozy double bedder decked in elegant Rajasthani style. The fort shows her age and that is a big part of the charm, there are multiple terraces around the property most of them overlooking the fields which were filled with golden yellow mustard crops making it picture postcard pretty (just as the pictures on their website). If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi with not too much to do but just unwind, eat and drink - this could certainly be your next address. "

- Chilly Adventures

"Another superb Neemrana experience. Thanks to Satyapal and Narayan and all the others for low-key, helpful service. Great food and rooms and atmosphere. Now we are going to The Tower House in Kochi and happy to continue our Neemrana tour."

- Bryan Dalton

"Hill Fort Kesroli is a romantic getaway. It takes you into an era in the past and rustic. The eating out in the open under the night full of stars with an excellent spread is a never forgettable experience. A must go for a short break from Delhi."

- Rajesh Malhotra