Kedar Burj

The Kedar Burj room is located at level 6 in Wing 8 of Neemrana Fort-Palace.
With its proximity to the Lakshman Baag hanging gardens, it is ideal for a couple or a family that is looking for a peaceful abode.
The interiors include a white marble fountain at the centre of the round terrace. The hues of yellow and white which match the floor in a Persian Badrun design, a comfortable double bed, a single bed, and easy chairs. There is a lounge outside the room overlooking the stepped hole, where a group of friends can gather and celebrate. Two other rooms in its vicinity are ideal for a group of friends.


  • Room Category - Room
  • No. of beds - 1 Double
  • People accommodated without extra bed - 2
  • No. of extra beds can be provided - 1

  • Verandha with Hanging Garden View
  • 1 Washroom
  • Near to Hanging Garden, amphitheatre and Children play area