Wing VIII Rooms - Neemrana Fort-Palace

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Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Deva Mahal Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Rajasthan 5

From the recess of a narrow stairway emerges a Neemrana grandest suite full of surprises: a grand bed in the centre; a dining/kitchenette; a vast salon with two antique divans, and more.

Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Adi Mahal Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Rajasthan

Located on the axis above the hanging gardens, this suite to the ‘primordeal’ god has a narrow balcony among the large-leafed Kanak Champa trees with fragrant blossoms.

Ambar Burj Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan

On the top floor of a round tower, the ‘sky’ turret has views on all four sides and has an arched .16th century pavilion from Nagaur on its roof


This round turret room is a large circular space with a large common terrace sprawled before it. 

Parvati Mahal

This small but charming rooftop room above the axis of the hanging gardens has a magical private terrace.


This spacious ‘forest’ room has a large Indian-style seating with a view of trees from the bed. It is located centrally just off the lower, emerald-green swimming pool, and is ideal for a small gathering of friends who want to party privately.

Neemrana Fort-Palace - 15th C, Delhi-Jaipur Highway Neemrana Munna Mahal Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Rajasthan 1

Sited above the amphitheatre, this palace of the ‘child’ lies aloof and is a playful space at three levels