Urvashi Mahal (Urvashi's Palace)

Located at the highest level of the 15th century Neemrana Fort- Palace, Urvashi Mahal recalls a mythical beauty and heavenly seductress who seduced holy sages on earth. Antique oleographs of Urvashi adorn the room and the bedstead. 

It has a private sun terrace facing the sunset and a romantic balcony over the garden, which makes it an ideal choice for a young couple. 
A vast, antique bed facing the balcony, dominates the room. A bath tub with a view through a red sandstone grille looks far down on the village, while stained glass windows evoke earlier centuries.


  • Room Category - Room
  • No. of beds - 1 Double
  • People accommodated without extra bed - 2
  • No. of extra beds can be provided - 0

  • 1 shared standing balcony with Menaka overlooking fort & Village
  • 1 washroom with bathtub
  • Near to pool and restaurant area and Uncha baag