Wing IX Rooms - Neemrana Fort-Palace

Lekha Mahal Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan

This is one of the two exclusive rooms in the 9th wing. Takes one to this white marble haven with accents of red.

Meera Mahal 1 Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan

The Lekha Mahal hides behind a splendid golden-yellow Jaisalmer Jharokha, with intricate carvings.


A splendidly appointed room with the best views of the entire south facade of the Neemrana Fort-Palace. Its beige tones honour the 16th century weaver-poet-saint who spoke against religious dogma and ritual.


It honours Mirabai, the 15th century princess of Mewar, Udaipur, who forsake her life in the palace to an itinerant life of song and prayer in devotion to Lord Krishna.