Wing II Rooms - Neemrana Fort-Palace

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Dakshin Mahal 1

With a terrace and entry over the entrance gateway, this south-facing room has an almost outdoor charm and an interesting bathroom at split levels.

Jharokha Mahal

Descending deeper into the Maharanis’ quarters is this linear suite facing full west in a series of three rooms.


Located in the Maharanis’ quarters on the top western edge of the Fort, Krishna Mahal is open on three sides: a balcony facing the sunset, a terrace over the hanging gardens to its south.

Neemrana Fort-Palace - 15th C, Delhi-Jaipur Highway Neemrana Radha Mahal Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace Neemrana Rajasthan

Named after Krishna’s consort, Radha this discreet room is in the old wing. 


Built over two levels with a balcony overhanging the gardens and a turret loo, the other side of Tulsi Mahal overlooks a fountain court.

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The palace of ‘colours’, Rang Mahal has original colour on its wooden rafters and an old-style bathroom with a medieval passage which once ran through it.

Geru Mahal

This quaint ‘terracotta’ Palace encloses one of the rooftop courts of the Maharanis’ section of the Fort-Palace with a French-tiled Mansard roof in slate. 


Once used to keep the dowry of the Ranis, this room lies next to the nuptial chamber, Sheesh Mahal.

Sheesh Mahal

A mirrored-mosaic on the ceiling gives this royal nuptial chamber its name.


A rooftop hunting tent with appropriate camp and art deco furniture used by royals on shikar outings. 


Perched high above the Kachha Chowk, with a view of the hills on three sides, this ‘wooden’ palace is a quaint experience from where one can get out and sit on low stone seats to admire Neemrana’s architecture, gardens and the pool.

Shringar Mahal Neemrana Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan

This is a small, rooftop room near which the Maharanis once embellished themselves.

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Named after the ‘cowherd’ girls who danced their cosmic dance with Krishna, this is the third room that  borders Tulsi Chowk in the Maharani’s wing of the palace.