Ground Level Rooms - Hill Fort-Kesroli

Swagat Mahal

Situated at the entrance of the Hill-Fort, Swagat Mahal, the welcome room, is a small suite situated near Darbar Mahal with direct access to the courtyard garden.

Raunak Mahal

The Palace of Festivities is a suite is a suite located on the garden level of the Hill-Fort.

Mubarak 1

The Palace for Felicitations is a circular turret suite situated on the garden level of the Hill-Fort. It is an ideal choice for a small family or three friends.

Neelkanth mahal 1

Kingfisher’s Palace is a suite located on the garden level, just by the main durbar hall. Its vibrant indigo and white interiors cheer up the stressed urban soul.

Papiha Mahal

This Palace of the Cuckoo is situated in the centre of the garden level of the Hill-Fort. It has red and black interiors with geometrical flooring. 

Baaj Mahal

This small Falcon’s Palace is situated at the garden level of the Hill-Fort.

Tota Mahal 2

A linear, medieval room with agrarian views, evokes the parrot, considered auspicious by lovers as it is the vehicle of Rati, wife of the God of Love.

Hariyal Mahal

A linear room at the garden level, with a bold chevron floor border shows the textures of its age on the walls.

Mayur Mahal

The Peacock Palace in blue and white is named after India’s national bird, which is almost common to Rajasthan as a house sparrow.

Saras Mahal

A small turret room overlooking the pool and the sunset. It feels as medieval and basic as a room can, with its narrow entrance and a bathroom with a view.

Teetar Mahal

The Palace of the Partridge is a suite situated on the garden level towards the centre of the Fort. 

Hill Fort-Kesroli Alwar Deepika Mahal Heritage hotels in Alwar

This linear palace of the lamp named after a princess of Kesroli, overlooks the pool below and the countryside beyond.