Below Pool Rooms - Level Two

Hill Fort Kesroli 14th Century Alwar - interior view of the Pratap Mahal room with a wooden wardrobe,  twin beds and lamps on either sides of the beds

Pratap Mahal is a large duplex suite, named after Pratap Kanwar, daughter of Bhawani Singh of Kesroli. 

Sugni Mahal 3

A large, duplex suite named after Sugni Kanwar, daughter of Bhawani Singh of Kesroli.

Sultan Mahal 3

A small duplex suite named after a son-in-law of the Ranawat family, It has one single bed above and a double bed below.

Hill Fort-Kesroli 14th Century Alwar - Interior view of the Fawn Mahal featuring a wardrobe with mirror, a coffee table and white lights

Fawn Mahal is the grandest round turret-room of the Hill Fort-Kesroli. 

Abhaneri Mahal 2

This duplex suite has two double beds and is decorated in greens above – overlooking the everchanging colours of the mustard fields visible from its balcony.

Rawal Mahal

A west facing, semi-circular room at the bottom of the turret of Kesroli Fort, offers views over the fields and a quietude not found in the village-facing rooms.

Baori Mahal 2

This stepwell suite in hues of  red has two double beds. The room above has a balcony overlooking green fields and the ancient hills while the one below gives a peep on the bio-vegetables grown for the guests. Its steps evoke the step wells of Rajasthan.

Hill Fort-Kesroli Alwar Jai Mahal Hotel Rooms in Alwar

This east-facing half-turret room at the base of a bastion of the fort, is designed with a pink durrie floor. It has one double bed and a study table by a mediaeval window.