Wing 1 Rooms - Neemrana Fort-Palace

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The grand .16th century durbar hall of Neemrana Fort-Palace named after the ‘sun’, now has bedrooms above from where the royal ladies once watched the proceedings of an all-male court

Once the hall of justice, this vast suite offers the options of sleeping on a large bed or a larger baithak.

The charming Gujarat Mahal is decorated in the furniture and art of the western state Gujarat.

A tiny room, tucked between two floors of palaces is named Mrig Mahal after the ‘deer’ which once flocked the hill visible from its little windows.

This grand 19th century room with a massive wooden rafter above, is decorated in the style of a coastal Kerala palace.

The highest room over the first wing of the Fort-Palace, this small but charming room is aptly called the ‘sky’ palace.

A hidden room named after the ‘rose’, it has a balcony jutting from the ramparts and a half round turret bathroom in pink marble.

Situated below the Hawa Mahal, this centrally located palace of the ‘turret’ look out to the Ararvallis.

Once the site of a temple of the Goddess, this suite is formed by a series of arches and cross arches with a bed at the centre.

A linear room, reminiscent of a train bogey, sits over the flowering treetops and is called Baag Mahal after the ‘gardens’ to which it leads.

A small linear room with an antique Kerala door at either end has window which folds down and doubles as a study table.

A grand, subterranean suite at level 3 of the Fort-Palace leads down from the airy Hindola Mahal.