Re-live the History

Neemrana pioneered the concept of turning abandoned ruins into experiential non-hotel Hotels where you can wake up in history and re-live spaces where royals and nobles once lived. Fort-Palaces and grand mansions from the 14th century onwards which have been restored and revitalised into ‘monument’ hotels, now offer you their labyrinthine spaces, the corridors, stairways, courtyards and quaint rooms refurbished with antique furniture and art to recreate an ambience that is much better than it was in the medieval times when the great characters from history lived without running water, electricity or air conditioning.

It is an awesome feeling to dream and wake up in a 700-year-old room with thick vaulted ceilings made in lime mortar which used lentils and jaggery to strengthen the fort walls. The hilltop views are extraordinary as all our old properties chose the best sites when they chose to build.

Explore the historic diversity of India near all our Neemrana properties since India is the ‘grandmother of all civilisations’ as Mark Twain put it. And at Neemrana, our motto is ‘We don’t let history become a bygone!’