Holiday Destinations - Palace Hotels in India

Neemrana Hotels have restored many historical ruins over the last two decades. Neemrana continues to revitalize many old properties in destinations, that are off the beaten track. The heritage properties across India hold out the unique opportunity of experiencing a panorama of 700 years of history – from the 14th to the 21st centuries. Amongst these historical ruins were some former Palaces in India, namely The Baradari Palace, India (Patiala, Punjab) and the flagship property, Neemrana Fort-Palace, India (NH 8, Rajasthan). Neemrana’s Palaces in India are situated in culturally rich locations such as Patiala and Alwar respectively. These resplendent palaces are some of the finest holiday places in India. 

Facade Premises Neemrana Fort Palace13

Neemrana Fort-Palace, India: Invent your own past at the dream site of history!

Neemrana’s project, the 19th century Tijara Fort-Palace is an architectural wonder with the most amazing hanging gardens sited on a hilltop overlooking an unspoiled countryside that changes colours with the seasons. Its restored palaces, now a heritage resort in Jaipur, are already being referred to as the most memorable stopovers, adding colour to the numerous Forts & Palaces in India

Tijara Fort-Palace Alwar Rajasthan 2

Tijara Fort-Palace, An architectural marvel only 100 km from Delhi!

Tijara Fort-Palace is an exclusive weekend getaway from Delhi. There are 90 suites and rooms named after India's leading painters, designers, and aesthetes who have helped create them.

The Baradari Palace Patiala Punjab 11

The Baradari Palace, India: Discover an architectural marvel at the heart of this jewel!

Neemrana Hotels offer the best holiday destinations in India by giving you the opportunity to wake up in some of the oldest Forts and Palaces in India and experience the varied culture, heritage and warm hospitality of each region. The Baradari Palace, a heritage hotel in Patiala, embodies the very spirit of excellence and heritage.