Our Values

20180111 171220
Our team at Hill Fort, Kesroli, displayed the core values of Neemrana Hotels very well when they gifted a bicycle to one of their co-workers Mr. Jallaluddin (Laundry) by pooling money from their tips.
Mr. Jallaluddin was in dire need of a mode of transport and the team stood up and took responsibility for their fellow colleague. Even though minor on a scale of big philanthropies, the extend to which the core values of the corporation is embedded in its employees is clearly visible in this act.

We are very proud of our Kesroli Team for showcasing such kindness and kinship.
“Team workers are expected to :
Treat co-workers with respect, courtesy, honesty, and fairness
Respect different values, beliefs, cultures, and religions.

Value the contribution of the people they work with, and work co-operatively”