Philosophy: Bungalow on the Beach - Tranquebar

The restored Bungalow stands as a reminder of a Danish Admiral, Ove Gjedde, sent by the king of Denmark with two ships. They were well received by the Nayak ruler of Tanjore, and given this territory. Then Dansborg, the Fort of Tharangambadi – a solid example of Scandinavian military architecture was established to export pepper to Denmark. The oldest Lutheran church in India was built here in 1706. 

Today you can drive in through a beautiful gate of the majestic King Street, past  Lutheran churches and grand bungalows of the Danish Governors’ and the British Collector’s residence. Re-live marine history; visit the temples of Kumbakonam and Tanjore. The town remains a glorious tribute to architecture from across the world.

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Tranquebar is reputed to have the thickest ozone layer in India which is ideal for relaxation as it rejuvenates and helps all those who visit prolong their life. Facing full east, The Bungalow on the Beach gives guests their own encounter with the sun and sea breeze. Time becomes irrelevant when you stand facing the sunrise: a 14th century Pandya temple on your left and a 17th century Danish fort to the right. 

Come taste ‘eternity’ in a stopover!