Bird Watching at Deo Bagh - Gwalior

Over 30 species of  birds  are  a part  of  our  daily  life  at  Deo  Bagh.  Along  with  large families of India's  national  bird  the  Peacock,  a  host of others  have  made  this 'Bagh'  their  home. They are our pride and  we  guard  them  zealously. 

Sparrows seem to be wiped out from India but we at Deo Bagh seem to be doing something quite right as you may spot these too along with the following:

Please help us protect them and enjoy being in their midst. You can get binoculars at the reception! 

Wear boots/shoes (no open chappals/sandals) and do not go into the shrubbery. One of the reasons why we only clear the main walkways and not under trees and in the fields is for birds to lay their eggs and some nest there too!

Also you can enjoy the flora- we are making an exhaustive list of trees, shrubs and creepers on the 25 acre campus. 

The old cenotaphs are full of bats which have their own charm but the stink is not acceptable and as we shall make them more approachable the bats will sadly have to go. It’s a constant balance which one needs to maintain with us humans and flora and fauna.  

At night if you quietly wander around the fields you may see a delightful parade of civet cats. And of course the quite rare spotted owls.