Dining at one of the best restaurants in South Goa

While enjoying the ambience of the stately dining room and the spectacular marine collection of shells, corals and other artefacts from across the world, the guests can feast on warm and freshly baked pão( a classic Goan bread dating to the 1550s) curries and fried, hay smoked, grilled and baked dishes made with a variety of freshly caught fish and cooked in traditional Goan style using 100% organic spices, vegetables and cold pressed oils to provide the best Goan food in South Goa. On request, the guests will get first-hand experience of trying different foods specially cooked on fire wood by local women from the fishing community from across the western and Konkan coast. At Neemrana’s Three Waters, we welcome your food requests and recipes and our cooks will strive to make it to perfection.

Another view of the seating arrangements at Neemrana s Three watersSea House Resturant 1
Seating arragements at Sea Hourse restaurant in Neemrana s Three waters

Depending on the weather, guests can choose breakfast or meals at the Gazebo or one of the terraces or overlooking the river or the swimming pool. Special picnic lunches, an impromptu BBQ, or a Chef’s table specially set on a secluded beach are many of the services we are pleased to offer. Curated meals can also be organised after consultation with our supervisors.

View from the exterior of the restaurant
Wooden seating arrangements in Sea House Resturant Neemrana s Three waters