Blue Cottage (Sunrise & Sunset Rooms)

The blue cottage in the charming village of Ramgarh in the Kumaon is an independent bungalow sited on a promontory which faces both the sunrise and the sunset. It has terraced Gardens planted with an orchard of peaches, plums and apple. It has two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a small kitchenette. Its lean dining room looks at many layers of Himalayan ranges and the vast, clean skies offer a whole range of scarlets,  pinks and purples. You can eat meals on the small plateau garden, unseen by the world , plucking the juiciest fruits ,when they are  in season.
The walk down to Neemrana‘s Ramgarh Bungalows is a pleasant downhill one. Should you want to eat your meals there, you can always be dropped back in a car. For a pyjama breakfast, Neemrana can supply you with all that you require and you can enjoy it at leisure on your own timings.