History & Philosophy - Neemrana’s Coconut Alley

Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu

Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu is an amazing seaside destination that Neemrana opened for the world. Most naturally because this ‘land of the singing waves’ is all about history. This land of the mighty Thanjavur royals was sold to the King of Denmark in 1620 because Danish ships wanted to protect their merchandise in the Dansborg fort which they built and then ship their coveted Coromandel pepper to Europe. There, it served as the best preservative for animal meat through the winters, when no greens remained to feed them.

alley view outside rooms with trees
full view of dining area at Neemrana coconut alley

Tharangambadi was an active port frequented by Arabs, Moravian entrepreneurs, German theologians and missionaries as well as the Danish East India Company. The Danes had Tranqeubar for 225 years after which the British bought it for 102 years , till India became independent.

Today, a 14th century Pandyan temple and the Danish fort almost adjacent to British Captain’s home (now run as Neemrana’s Bungalow on the Beach) talks of the Indian’s diversity and power of assimilation.

room cottage exterior view with cycle outside Neemrana's Coconut Alley - one of the best Tharangambadi hotels

Now Neemrana brings you more – adopting indigenous, red-tiled homes to create Coconut Alley, a green and windy hideaway for younger couples, more conscious of their budget. Sit on the rooftop palmyra restaurant, touching the coconut leaves that sway in the marine breeze.
Eat well, rest well. You will never want to leave, but carry this calm to long rejuvenate you where you may be boxed in a cabin in a city !

alley view at Neemrana coconut alley
dining spcae during daytime