Testimonials: Hotel Neemrana Fort Palace

Queen Elizabeth’s niece, Princess Sarah Armstrong-Jones, on her honeymoon: "Simplicity and style are so difficult to achieve together… Neemrana is the most beautiful place we’ve stayed anywhere in the world."


Kate Winslet, after the Titanic: "The Chandra Mahal is my favourite room in the whole world. I’ll be back soon."  Two months later she did return!

"It is one of the best heritage hotels I have stayed in."

- Lady N K Naipaul

"One of those profound experiences... a yardstick with which to measure other retreats/hotels."

- Anita Rau Badami, author, Montreal

"You have created frames that change at the end of every corridor and unexpected opening. But this space is created by a poet like Aman, an aesthete like Francis."

- Imtiaz Dharker, poet & painter

"The oldest among the palace hotels and the closest to Delhi, Neemrana provides an evocative experience extending beyond the physical structure… providing in a real sense a brush with history… it has a mesmeric appeal, a haunting, romantic ambience."

- Destination Traveller, New Delhi

"Our stay at Neemrana Fort-Palace was one of the highlights of our trip for me. What you’ve done there is astounding. Two years ago we visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. I thought it was one of the most stunning buildings I’ve ever seen, but it was empty. At Neemrana it’s as if you brought the Alhambra to life. It was a truly extraordinary experience."

- Christine Worth Vergara, Los Angeles

"I am not given to gushing usually, but since we walked into the fort, I have been gushing, and in superlatives. The gardens are glorious, the lighting superb, the staff welcoming without being intrusive. I think the words we have used most frequently while in the fort, and when talking about it since, have been ‘magical’, ‘fairy-tale setting’, and ‘perfect’."

- Ritu Chaudhry, Khushii

"Neemrana is, in my humble opinion, the “Fort of all Forts”, as I do believe that there isn’t and cannot be another like it."

- Kanwar Ratanjit Singh of Kapurthala

"The two days which followed at Neemrana were moments of marvelling : discovering hanging gardens, flowers, our room, the gift on the bed, the bathroom hollowed out in the rock, the songs of unknown birds in the morning, a monkey coming to trouble us on our second night, the labyrinth of the hotel, the basin encircled by fresh flowers and illumination at night..."

- Muriel Kurt